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County in Western Norway, bordering the North Sea to the west and the counties of Vestland to the north, Vestfold og Telemark to the east and Agder to the east and southeast.

- Rogaland

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Map of Karmøy with the urban areas marked
View of the historic Avaldsnes Church
Island pastures and St. Olav's church
Karmsundbridge links Karmøy island to the mainland
Farm on Karmøy
Salhus village
Powerlines crossing Karmsund
Christen Schaaning, 1663
Leif Johan Sevland, 2007

Karmøy is a municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.


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City and municipality in Norway.

City and municipality in Norway.

Iron Age farm
Stavanger domkirke, the oldest cathedral in Norway.
A German POW clearing mines in Stavanger in August 1945
The oil industry is the backbone of Stavanger's economy.
A beach in Randaberg
The city park
Boroughs of Stavanger
City centre Stavanger
Canning factories in the early 20th century
Stavanger Aftenblad
The concrete base for the Troll A platform is cast in Vats, 55 km north of Stavanger
Stavanger Airport, Sola
Stavanger S
National road 44
Bus terminal in Sandnes, the neighboring city of Stavanger
Jåttå Upper Secondary School
Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Rogaland Art Museum
Viking Stadion
Stavanger Oilers has won seven Norwegian championship titles.
P&O MV Britannia cruise ship at berth near Strandkaien, Stavanger
Gamle Stavanger
Henrich Steffens, 1828

It is the fourth largest city and third largest metropolitan area in Norway (through conurbation with neighbouring Sandnes) and the administrative centre of Rogaland county.


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Map of the Stavanger/Sandnes region
View of the village of Hommersåk
View of the city
Sandnes Church
Hana Church
Julie Ege, On her Majesty's Secret Service, 1968
Ivar Braut, 2017
Bjarne Berntsen, 2007
Stine Borgli, 2018
Map of Sandnes city center
The bus station, known as Ruten (The Route)
Jæren Tingrett (District Court)
Sandnes sports park from the air
Sandnes by night
A Sandnesgauk. A clay toy originating in Sandnes.

Sandnes is a city and municipality in Rogaland, Norway.


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Part of central Haugesund
Karmøy pastures and St. Olav's church at Avaldsnes
Urban area of Haugesund (2005)
MS Draupner, one of the catamaran ferries on the former route Bergen – Haugesund – Stavanger
Turid Birkeland, 1985
Marilyn Monroe sculpture at Haugesund
Christian Grindheim, 2006
The city hall, designed by Gudolf Blakstad and Herman Munthe-Kaas
Common street in Haugesund
Haugesund from the Risøy bridge
Risøybrua seen from Risøy. Photo: Knut Arne Gjertsen
Haugesund docks, with bridge to Risøy

is a municipality on the North Sea in Rogaland county, Norway.


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Kopervik is the largest town on the island of Karmøy in Rogaland county, Norway.


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Map of Sola and surround municipalities
View of Ølberg at sunset
Sola Church
Beaches of Sola
Sola Church Ruins
Camilla Herrem, 2009

Sola is a municipality and a Seaside resort in Rogaland county, Norway.

Western Norway

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Region along the Atlantic coast of southern Norway.

Region along the Atlantic coast of southern Norway.

Selje Abbey was a Benedictine monastery located on the island of Selja, formerly known as Selø, in the municipality of Selje, Sogn og Fjordane.
The Barony Rosendal in its garden to the right, the stud farm in red, as seen from Malmangernuten mountain. The barony is often referred to as "The smallest castle in Scandinavia".
Moster gamle kyrkje, built in 995, it is one of the oldest churches in Norway. It is reported by Snorre that Olaf I of Norway had a church built there.
With the exception of Ireland, no single country contributed a larger percentage of its population to the United States than Norway, and Western Norway is not an exception. Famous Americans with ancestry from this part of Norway include Marilyn Monroe, Walter Mondale, Knute Rockne, Michele Bachmann and Knute Nelson.
U.S. postage stamp featuring the ship Viking honoring the 100th anniversary of Norwegian immigration.
Ona is an island situated in Sandøy municipality in the district of Romsdal.
One of the many beaches along the Jæren coastline.
Hurrungane is a large mountainous area.
Preikestolen is a massive cliff 604 metres (1982 ft) above Lysefjorden, opposite the Kjerag plateau, in Forsand.
Hardangervidda National Park.
The inland valleys used to have reliable snow cover in winter.
A satellite image of southern Norway with snow shown as red highlights the terrain. Especially the fjords Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden are clearly visible.
The nature reserve at the island of Herdla has many birds. Some 220 species of birds are registered.
Hardangervidda landscape.
Hardanger is one of Norway's most important sources of fruit and constitutes approximately 40% of the national fruit production, including apple, plum, pear, cherry and redcurrant.
Vøringsfossen waterfall in Eidfjord.
Troll gas field is a natural gas and oil field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, 100 km North-West of Bergen, 50 km west of the island of Fedje.
A motorvei (highway) in Sandnes.
Strandgaten is a shopping street in Bergen.
Ivar Aasen came from Ørsta, Sunnmøre. He was the father of Nynorsk and price influence on its derivative, Høgnorsk.
Undredal Stave Church
The Male Choir of the University of Bergen, which is a student organisation.
Entrance and sign of the University of Stavanger.
Lefse, a traditional potato flatbread from Western Norway.
Skillingsboller, a traditional roll from Bergen.
Hardingfele, a fiddle from Hardanger.
Urnes stave church is now on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Brudeferden i Hardanger.
Car ferries are a vital part of the highway infrastructure in coastal regions. Above is "MF Stavangerfjord" which goes between Arsvågen and Mortavika in Rogaland.
MS Midnatsol of The Coastal Express, Hurtigruten
Gulating lagmannsrett cover Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane, but not Møre og Romsdal.
In Sogn og Fjordane policy is little different from in the other counties. A lot of the population votes on the Centre Party. Here is Norwegian sheep and Luster landscape.
View over Aurlandsvangen and Flåm.
Tone Damli Aaberge
Ole Bull
Edvard Grieg
Ludvig Holberg
Kurt Nilsen
Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poirée
Amalie Skram
Per Inge Torkelsen

It consists of the counties Rogaland, Vestland, and Møre og Romsdal.


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Part of the inner seaport in the town of Sauda
View of the narrow Sauda fjord
The Workers township, Åbøbyen 2005.
Before The Workers township was built, Åbøbyen 1917.
Industrial museum, Sauda, in winter.
Svandalsfossen waterfall, Sauda
Bjørn Eidsvåg, 2016

Sauda is a municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.


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(also known as Skudeneshamn or simply Skudenes) is a town in Karmøy municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.


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Village of Åna-Sira
Village of Sogndalsstranda
Landscape in Sokndal
Tellnes opencast Ilmenite mine

Sokndal is the southernmost municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.