SNCF BB 1280

PO E.1 (preserved at Mulhouse railway museum, 2012)
Paris & Orleans twin cab 'baggage car' variant

Underground section of line connecting the Gare d'Austerlitz to the Quai d'Orsay in inner Paris.

- SNCF BB 1280

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Style or design of electric locomotive; the term is rarely if ever used for other forms of power.

A GE Steeplecab electric locomotive. This example is fitted with trolley poles for service on an interurban railroad.
A Milwaukee Road class ES-2, an example of a larger Steeplecab switcher for service on an electrified heavy-duty railroad.
GE Steeplecab Black Maria used in Taftville
GE steeple cab use on the PO line in Paris
Locomotive delivered to the Varesina in Italy
Victoria Railway E Class
Tobu Class ED4010 electric locomotive ED4012 at Sugito Station
NER No.1 (later British Rail Class ES1), Locomotion museum, Shildon

The system used at the beginning eight Steeplecabs numbered E1 to E8 for traction.