British and Chinese unity against Japan, saw propaganda posters such as this one depicting Chiang Kai-shek and Winston Churchill created to bolster morale.
Xinhua headquarters office in Beijing
39.89876°N, 116.36523°W
Building of Red China News Agency in 1937
Xinhua News Agency's overseas flagship digital billboard was inaugurated on Times Square, at the heart of Manhattan, New York City in 2010.
Bureau in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In 1947, Chinque co-founded the London branch of the Xinhua News Agency, which became the first branch of the official state run newspaper of the People's Republic of China, outside of the country.

- Samuel Chinque

The Xinhua News Agency established its first overseas affiliate in 1947 in London, with Samuel Chinque as publisher.

- Xinhua News Agency

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