Sapienza University of Rome

University of RomeUniversity of Rome La SapienzaLa SapienzaLa Sapienza UniversitySapienza UniversitySapienzaRomeUniversity La SapienzaUniversity of Rome "La SapienzaLa Sapienza University of Rome
The Sapienza University of Rome (Sapienza – Università di Roma), also called simply Sapienza or the University of Rome, is a collegiate research university that is located in Rome, Italy.wikipedia
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Formally known as Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", it is one of the largest European universities by enrollments and one of the oldest in history, founded in 1303.

Orto Botanico dell'Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

Botanical Garden of RomeOrto BotanicoVatican Botanical Garden
The Orto Botanico dell'Università di Roma "La Sapienza" (12 hectares), also known as the Orto Botanico di Roma, is a botanical garden operated by the Sapienza University of Rome and located at Largo Cristina di Svezia 24, Rome, Italy.

Maria Montessori

MontessoriDr. Maria MontessoriDr Montessori
She soon had a change of heart and began medical school at the Sapienza University of Rome, where she graduated – with honors – in 1896.

San Pietro in Vincoli

S. Pietro in VincoliSt. Peter in ChainsBasilica of San Pietro in Vincoli
Next to the church is hosted the Faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza University, in the former convent building.

Filippo Maria Renazzi

The first complete history of the Sapienza University was written in 1803–1806 by Filippo Maria Renazzi.
During his life he was a well known scholar of criminal law, and nowadays he is mainly remembered for his history of the University of Rome.

Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza

church of Saint Ives alla SapienzaSant’Ivo alla Sapienza
He introduced a new tax on wine to raise funds for the university; the money was used to buy a palace which later housed the Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza church.
In the 14th century, there was a chapel here for the palace of the University of Rome.

Marcello Piacentini

In 1935 the new university campus, planned by Marcello Piacentini, was completed.
His style became a mainstay of Fascist architecture in Rome, including the new university campus (Università di Roma La Sapienza, 1932) and the E.U.R district, of which he was not only designer, but also High Commissar by will of Benito Mussolini.

Federico Fellini

FelliniFelliniesqueFrederico Fellini
In September 1939, he enrolled in law school at the University of Rome to please his parents.

Ettore Majorana

MajoranaEttoreMajorana, E.
Mathematically gifted, he was very young when he joined Enrico Fermi's team in Rome as one of the "Via Panisperna boys", who took their name from the street address of their laboratory.

Emilio Segrè

Emilio G. SegrèEmilio Gino SegrèEmilio Segre
Born in Tivoli, near Rome, Segrè studied engineering at the University of Rome La Sapienza before taking up physics in 1927.

Montessori education

MontessoriMontessori schoolMontessori method
Following her medical training, Maria Montessori began to develop her educational philosophy and methods in 1897, attending courses in pedagogy at the University of Rome and reading the educational theory of the previous two hundred years.

Evangelista Torricelli

TorricelliTorricelli, EvangelistaTorricellian
The uncle then sent Torricelli to Rome to study science under the Benedictine monk Benedetto Castelli, professor of mathematics at the Collegio della Sapienza (now known as the Sapienza University of Rome).

Pietro Belluschi

After the war, Belluschi studied at the University of Rome, earning a degree in civil engineering in 1922.

Pope Boniface VIII

Boniface VIIIBenedetto CaetaniPope
Sapienza University of Rome was founded in 1303 with the Papal bull In Supremae praeminentia Dignitatis, issued on 20 April 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, as a Studium for ecclesiastical studies more under his control than the universities of Bologna and Padua, making it the first pontifical university.
Boniface VIII founded Sapienza University of Rome in 1303.

Mario Draghi

He studied at the Massimiliano Massimo Institute and graduated from La Sapienza University under the supervision of Federico Caffè with his thesis titled Integrazione economica e variazione dei tassi di cambio (English: Economic integration and variation of exchange rates).

Federica Mogherini

Mogherini attended the Sapienza University of Rome where she studied Political Science graduating with a specialization in Political Philosophy with a final dissertation on Islam and politics, which she wrote while she was on the Erasmus programme at Sciences Po Aix in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Enrico Fermi

FermiE. FermiFermi, Enrico
Among the prominent scholars who have taught at the Sapienza University of Rome are architects Ernesto Basile and Bruno Zevi; chemist Emanuele Paternò; jurists Antonio Salandra, Sabino Cassese and Giuliano Amato; mathematician Vito Volterra; pharmacologist and Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Daniel Bovet; chemist and Nobel Laureate Giulio Natta; philosophers Luigi Ferri and Augusto Del Noce; physicist and Nobel Laureate in Physics Enrico Fermi; political scientist Roberto Forges Davanzati
In 1926, at the age of 24, he applied for a professorship at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Italian Space Agency

ASIAgenzia Spaziale ItalianaISA
Early Italian space efforts during the Space Race era were built around cooperation between the Italian Space Commission (a branch of the National Research Council) and NASA supported primarily by the Centro Ricerche Aerospaziali, the aerospace research group of the University of Rome La Sapienza.

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Formally known as Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", it is one of the largest European universities by enrollments and one of the oldest in history, founded in 1303.

Sergio Mattarella

Italian President MattarellaPresident MattarellaSergio
In 1964, he graduated in law at the Sapienza University of Rome; after a few years he started teaching Parliamentary procedure at the University of Palermo.

Umberto Guidoni

GuidoniGuidoni Umberto
Guidoni earned a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 1978 and worked in the Italian Space Agency (ASI) as well as in the European Space Agency (ESA).

Bernardo Bertolucci

BertolucciBernado BertolucciBernardo
With this goal in mind, he attended the Faculty of Modern Literature of the University of Rome from 1958 to 1961, where his film career as an assistant director to Pasolini began.

Nicola Cabibbo

CabibboN. Cabibbo
He graduated in theoretical physics at the Università di Roma "Sapienza University of Rome" in 1958 under the supervision of Bruno Touschek.

Charles Ponzi

PonziCarlo Ponzioriginal Ponzi scheme
He took a job as a postal worker early on, but soon was accepted into the University of Rome La Sapienza.

Gabriele D'Annunzio

Gabriele D’AnnunzioD'AnnunzioGabrielle D'Annunzio
In 1881 D'Annunzio entered the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he became a member of various literary groups, including Cronaca Bizantina, and wrote articles and criticism for local newspapers.