Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Entrance to Sauta Cave
Map of Sauta Cave NWR
Sauta Cave NWR

264 acre National Wildlife Refuge located in northeastern Alabama, near the Sauty Creek embayment of Guntersville Lake.

- Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

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Jackson County, Alabama

Northeasternmost county in the U.S. state of Alabama.

Map of Jackson County showing census subdivisions
County Road 98 in northern Jackson County

Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

35,000 acre National Wildlife Refuge located along the Tennessee River near Decatur, Alabama.

Location of Wheeler NWR in Alabama
Wheeler NWR
Map of Wheeler NWR
Wheeler NWR

Wheeler NWR is charged with the administration of four other National Wildlife Refuges including Fern Cave, Key Cave, Sauta Cave, and the Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge.

Gray bat

Species of microbat endemic to North America.

A gray bat caught in Oklahoma in 2013
A gray bat in torpor at a hibernaculum.
Gray bats arousing from hibernation due to human disturbance (in this instance scientists are conducting a population estimate). Gray bats may lose as much as 0.48 g of weight in the first hour of disturbance and these crucial fat reserves can not be replenished until spring emergence.

This reservoir, found in northeastern Alabama, contains the Sauta (formerly Blowing Wind) and Hambrick caves which can accommodate over 200,000 gray bats combined.

Geography of Alabama

The geography of Alabama describes a state in the Southeastern United States in North America.

Physiographic regions in Alabama
Political Regions of Alabama

Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

List of caves in the United States

List of caves in the United States.

Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico, United States

Sauta Cave

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The Cango caves in western cape.
African cave paintings.
Lithic Industries at Blombos Cave, Southern Cape, South Africa.
Wonder Caves Praying Mary.
Zhijin Cave is believed to possess the largest unsupported roof span of any cave worldwide.
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Wind cave.

Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama