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The word schema comes from the Greek word σχήμα (skhēma), which means shape, or more generally, plan.wikipedia
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Database schema

schemarelational schemaschemas
The term "schema" refers to the organization of data as a blueprint of how the database is constructed (divided into database tables in the case of relational databases).

Linati schema for Ulysses

LinatiLinati schema for ''Ulysses
This schema for the novel Ulysses was produced by Joyce in 1920 to help a friend (Carlo Linati) understand the fundamental structure of the book.

Gilbert schema for Ulysses

GilbertGilbert schema for ''Ulysses
This schema for the novel Ulysses was produced by its author, James Joyce, in 1921 to help his friend, Stuart Gilbert, understand the fundamental structure of the book.

Cultural schema theory

cultural models
The idea of schemas existing as ideal types in the mind dates back all the way back to Plato (see also Schema and Schema (psychology)).

Comedown (drugs)

comedowncomedown or crashcome down
The improvement and deterioration of mood (euphoria and dysphoria) are represented in the cognitive schema as high and low elevations; thus, after the drug has elevated the mood (a state known as a high), there follows a period of coming back down, which often has a distinct character from withdrawal in stimulants.

Protocol Buffers

Google Protocol BuffersProtobufProtocol Buffer Binary Format
There is no defined way to include or refer to such an external specification (schema) within a Protocol Buffers file.


It has applications in pedagogy and machine learning, because they rely on word-sense disambiguation and schemas.


scotomasscotomatacentral scotoma
Thus there is not only (or not necessarily) a visual inability to see an aspect of reality but also (or instead) a mental inability to conceive even the possibility of seeing that aspect, due to a cognitive schema that lacks any provision for it.