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1995 MTV Video Music Awards

1995MTV Video Music AwardsMTV Video Music Awards 1995
Meanwhile, the sibling pair of Michael and Janet Jackson was right behind both groups in terms of wins, as their video for "Scream" earned them three moonmen.

Janet Jackson discography

In 2018 Made for Now marked her 20th number one and 40th entry on this chart and the only other collaboration to reach number one besides Scream with Michael Jackson, this one with Daddy Yankee (and his first number one on this chart).

2009 MTV Video Music Awards

2009MTV Video Music Awardsinterruption
In the aftermath of his June 2009 death, the show featured various tributes to Michael Jackson, including an opening act featuring a medley of Jackson's biggest hits and a special appearance by Janet Jackson to perform her duet "Scream", and the premiere of a trailer for the posthumous documentary film Michael Jackson's This Is It.

Mark Romanek videography

In 1995, he directed the video for "Scream", set in space and performed by Michael and Janet Jackson, as well as the New Age surrealistic "Bedtime Story", performed by Madonna.

Dance Dance Dance (British TV series)

Dance Dance DanceDance Dance Dance'' (UK TV series)Dance, dance, dance

You Are Not Alone

1995 hit songcharity singleYou're Not Alone
James Hunter of Rolling Stone noted that, "the excellent current single 'Scream' or the first-rate R&B ballad 'You Are Not Alone' – manage to link the incidents of Jackson's infamous recent past to universal concepts, like injustice or isolation. When he bases his music in the bluntness of hip-hop, Jackson sketches funky scenarios denouncing greed, blanket unreliability and false accusation".

Michael Jackson videography

Jackson's filmographyMichael Jacksonmusic videos
The music video for "Scream", directed by Mark Romanek and production designer Tom Foden, is one of Jackson's most critically acclaimed.

Michael (Glee)

MichaelMichael" (''Glee'')
The episode's musical performances were viewed more favorably, with many of the nine performances given high praise, including "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', "Human Nature", "Smooth Criminal", and "Scream", the last of these primarily for Kevin McHale's dancing. Five of the songs—the first three above plus "Bad" and "Black or White"—charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100, while the other four were also released as singles but did not chart.

List of songs recorded by Michael Jackson

The album features hits like "Scream", a duet with Jackson's youngest sister Janet Jackson, "Earth Song", "They Don't Care About Us", and "You Are Not Alone".

Janet Jackson videography

Jackson has multiple videos ranked among the most expensive of all-time, which include "Doesn't Really Matter" and "Scream", the most expensive in history.

Michael Jackson singles discography

Michael Jackson
The album features the hits "Scream", a duet with Jackson's youngest sister Janet Jackson, "Earth Song", "They Don't Care About Us", and "You Are Not Alone".

Mark Romanek

His most notable music videos include "Hurt" (Johnny Cash), "Closer" (Nine Inch Nails), "Can't Stop" (Red Hot Chili Peppers), "Bedtime Story" (Madonna), "Scream" (Michael & Janet Jackson), "Criminal" (Fiona Apple), and "Shake It Off" (Taylor Swift).

Number Ones (video)

Number OnesNumber Ones'' (video)Number Ones'' DVD
Notable music videos included on the DVD were "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and Thriller—which received heavy rotation on MTV in the 1980s, and are credited as having transformed the music video from a promotional tool and into an art form, and "Black or White" and "Scream" which were also prominent on channels like MTV in the 1990s.

Runaway (Janet Jackson song)

RunawayRunaway" (Janet Jackson song)
"Runaway" was created to be a possible duet with Jackson's brother Michael Jackson, but they chose "Scream" instead.

They Don't Care About Us

They Don’t Care About UsThey Don't Really Care About Us
"They Don't Care About Us" was performed during Jackson's third and final concert series, the HIStory World Tour which ran from 1996 to 1997 as part of a medley with "Scream" and "In the Closet".

Mia Michaels

Michaels was to join Wade Robson, Tyce Diorio, Laurie Ann Gibson, Brian Friedman, and other dancer-choreographers in performing with Janet Jackson for her rendition of the song "Scream", but suffered an injury during rehearsals and was unable to perform on the show.

List of most expensive music videos

most expensive music video ever mademost expensive music videosmost expensive videos
Romanek, who made Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream", which is claimed to be the most expensive music video ever made, has since denied this claim, saying that there were two other music videos from the same era which cost "millions more" than "Scream".

MTV Video Music Award

MTV Video Music AwardsVideo Music AwardsMTV Awards
Michael Jackson performed for over fifteen minutes to a medley of his main songs, including "Scream", and danced his signature moves, including the robot, moonwalk and the relatively unknown "Bankhead Bounce".

Zillion (TV series)

ZillionZillion: Burning NightRed Photon Zillion
This anime was featured in the music video for Michael and Janet Jackson's collaboration "Scream".

One More Chance (The Notorious B.I.G. song)

One More ChanceOne More Chance / Stay With Me (Remix)One More Chance (Hip-Hop Remix)
It was the highest debuting single of all time, tying with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson song "Scream" when it entered the Hot 100 at number 5 at the time.

Damita Jo (album)

Damita JoDamita Jo'' (album)eighth album
A sequel to prior duet "Scream" with Michael Jackson titled "We've Had Enough" was reported for Michael's forthcoming studio album shortly after the album's release, produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins.