A report on Sea Dart and Seaslug (missile)

Sea Dart drill missiles on in 2012
Seaslug Mk. II missile
Sea Dart missile illustration. The Chow booster is on the extreme right. The four small receiver antennas for the semi-active radar homing are visible on the left. The antennas are arranged to provide phase-comparison to improve accuracy.
Seaslug on display at Wickenby Aerodrome, Lincolnshire, UK
Sea Dart on in 1982 (taken after the Falklands War had ended)
Test firing from the trials ship HMS Girdle Ness (A387), circa 1961.
Canberra bomber B-108 of Grupo de Bombardeo 2. This Argentine aircraft was shot down by a Sea Dart on 13 June 1982.
The Seaslug launcher mounted on the quarterdeck of HMS Glamorgan, circa 1972
Sea Dart on Invincible
The firing of the first Seaslug test missile from HMS Girdle Ness (A387). This version is based on the RAE's early GPV, and retains the rear-mounted boosters before they moved forward on the "long round".
conducting the final Sea Dart missile firing at the north western Scottish range of Benbecula. The ship fired five missiles, three single missiles and a two-missile salvo at an unmanned drone target.
Map with Seaslug operators in blue
Map with former Sea Dart operators in red

Britain's first naval surface-to-air missile was GWS1 Seaslug, which entered service in 1963.

- Sea Dart

It was planned that Seaslug's medium-range role was to be supplanted by a very long-range missile known as Blue Envoy, but this was passed over in favour of a new medium-range system, Sea Dart.

- Seaslug (missile)
Sea Dart drill missiles on in 2012

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Hawker Siddeley

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Group of British manufacturing companies engaged in aircraft production.

Group of British manufacturing companies engaged in aircraft production.

Royal Air Force Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1A, with its pilot. This aircraft, used for aerobatic displays, is in a special colour scheme.
Caboose built in the Hawker Siddeley plant of Thunder Bay, Ontario
A Hawker Siddeley Trident.

Sea Dart – surface-to-air missile

Sea Slug – Armstrong Whitworth surface-to-air missile.