Security hacker

hackerhackinghackershackedcomputer hackerhackcomputer hackingcomputer hackersHacker (computer security)cracking
A security hacker is someone who explores methods for breaching defenses and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network.wikipedia
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The 414s

414 gang414s
This concern became real when, in the same year, a gang of teenage hackers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, known as The 414s, broke into computer systems throughout the United States and Canada, including those of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Security Pacific Bank.
The 414s were a group of computer hackers who broke into dozens of high-profile computer systems, including ones at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Security Pacific Bank, in 1982 and 1983.


phreakphreakerphone phreak
It initially developed in the context of phreaking during the 1960s and the microcomputer BBS scene of the 1980s.
Phreaking has since become closely linked with computer hacking.


WOPRWar GamesStephen Falken
However, the release of the film WarGames that year, featuring a computer intrusion into NORAD, raised the public belief that computer security hackers (especially teenagers) could be a threat to national security.
The film follows David Lightman (Broderick), a young hacker who unwittingly accesses War Operation Plan Response (WOPR), a United States military supercomputer originally programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war.

Grey hat

gray hatgray-hatgrey
As a result of these laws against computer criminality, white hat, grey hat and black hat hackers try to distinguish themselves from each other, depending on the legality of their activities.
A grey hat (greyhat or gray hat) is a computer hacker or computer security expert who may sometimes violate laws or typical ethical standards, but does not have the malicious intent typical of a black hat hacker.


1982 film of the same namesee Tron Originsthe Disney movie
In the 1982 film Tron, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) describes his intentions to break into ENCOM's computer system, saying "I've been doing a little hacking here".
Kevin Flynn is a leading software engineer formerly employed by the computer corporation ENCOM, who now runs a video arcade and attempts to hack into ENCOM's mainframe system.


Phrack MagazineRandy TischlerPhrack'' magazine
These moral conflicts are expressed in The Mentor's "The Hacker Manifesto", published 1986 in Phrack.
Phrack is an ezine written by and for hackers, first published November 17, 1985.

Loyd Blankenship

The Mentor
These moral conflicts are expressed in The Mentor's "The Hacker Manifesto", published 1986 in Phrack.
Loyd Blankenship (born 1965), better known by his pseudonym The Mentor, is a well-known computer hacker and writer.

Clifford Stoll

Cliff Stoll
Use of the term hacker meaning computer criminal was also advanced by the title "Stalking the Wily Hacker", an article by Clifford Stoll in the May 1988 issue of the Communications of the ACM.
He is best known for his investigation in 1986, while working as a systems administrator at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, that led to the capture of hacker Markus Hess, and for Stoll's subsequent book The Cuckoo's Egg, in which he details the investigation.

Computer network

networkcomputer networkingnetworking
A security hacker is someone who explores methods for breaching defenses and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network.
A computer network may be used by security hackers to deploy computer viruses or computer worms on devices connected to the network, or to prevent these devices from accessing the network via a denial-of-service attack.

Exploit (computer security)

exploitexploitssecurity exploit
A security hacker is someone who explores methods for breaching defenses and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network.
That is the reason why some black hat hackers as well as military or intelligence agencies hackers do not publish their exploits but keep them private.

The Cuckoo's Egg

The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage
The popularity of Stoll's book The Cuckoo's Egg, published one year later, further entrenched the term in the public's consciousness.
It is his first-person account of the hunt for a computer hacker who broke into a computer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).


hacktivisthacktivistsReality hacking
Writing software and performing other activities to support these views is referred to as hacktivism.
In Internet activism, hacktivism or hactivism (a portmanteau of hack and activism) is the use of technology to promote a political agenda or a social change.

Hacker culture

In this controversy, computer programmers reclaim the term hacker, arguing that it refers simply to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks,
Hackers from this subculture tend to emphatically differentiate themselves from what they pejoratively call "crackers"; those who are generally referred to by media and members of the general public using the term "hacker", and whose primary focusbe it to malign or for malevolent purposeslies in exploiting weaknesses in computer security.

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

26002600 Magazine2600 Films
It is implicated with 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and the alt.2600 newsgroup.
In the usage of 2600 and affiliates, the often loaded term "hacking" refers to grey hat hacking, which is generally understood to be any sort of technological utilization or manipulation of technology which goes above and beyond the capabilities inherent to the design of a given application.


cyber terrorismcyber-terrorismcyberterrorist
Experienced cyberterrorists, who are very skilled in terms of hacking can cause massive damage to government systems, hospital records, and national security programs, which might leave a country, community or organization in turmoil and in fear of further attacks.

Hacker ethic

Hackinghacker ethicsethical hacker
The term is generally synonymous with ethical hacker, and the EC-Council, among others, have developed certifications, courseware, classes, and online training covering the diverse arena of ethical hacking.
However, Levy's hacker ethic has often arguably been quoted out of context and misunderstood as a reference to hacking, as in breaking into computers, and thus many sources imply that hacker ethic is describing the ideals of white-hat hackers.

White hat (computer security)

white hatethical hackingwhite hat hacker
and that cracker is the more appropriate term for those who break into computers, whether computer criminals (black hats) or computer security experts (white hats).
White hat hackers may also work in teams called "sneakers", red teams, or tiger teams.


Rootkit installation can be automated, or an attacker can install it after having obtained root or Administrator access.

Website defacement

Some consider illegal cracking ethically justified for these goals; a common form is website defacement.
These are typically the work of defacers, who break into a web server and replace the hosted website with one of their own.


cyber warfarecyber-warfareCyberwar
Intelligence agencies and cyberwarfare operatives of nation states.
It's possible that hackers have gotten into administrative computer systems of utility companies, but says those aren't linked to the equipment controlling the grid, at least not in developed countries.

Port scanner

port scanport scanningport scans
Such an application may be used by administrators to verify security policies of their networks and by attackers to identify network services running on a host and exploit vulnerabilities.

SQL injection

SQL injection attack SQL injection attacksBlind SQL injection
Common examples of security exploits are SQL injection, cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery which abuse security holes that may result from substandard programming practice.
A hacker can load the URLs and, which may result in queries

Hackers on Planet Earth

The Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference series is a hacker convention sponsored by the security hacker magazine 2600: The Hacker Quarterly that until 2020 was typically held at Hotel Pennsylvania, in Manhattan, New York City.

Bernie S

Ed Cummings
Bernie S. (born Edward Cummings) is a computer hacker living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon (born 10 February 1966) is a Scottish systems administrator and hacker who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the "biggest military computer hack of all time," although McKinnon himself states that he was merely looking for evidence of free energy suppression and a cover-up of UFO activity and other technologies potentially useful to the public.