Seiyu Awards

Seiyu AwardSeiyuu AwardsSeiyū Awards
The Seiyu Awards are award ceremonies for the recognition of voice acting talent (known as seiyū in Japan) for outstanding performance in anime and other media in Japan.wikipedia
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Akira Ishida

Ishida Akirathe voice actor
For his portrayal of Saki Abdusha in You're Under Arrest (manga) Athrun Zala in Gundam Seed Destiny, he was chosen as the most popular voice actor in the Animage Anime Grand Prix in 2004, and won the Best Supporting Character (male) award at the first Seiyu Awards in 2007.

Maaya Uchida

Maya UchidaUchida, Maaya
In February 2014, she won the Best New Actress Award in the 8th Seiyu Awards.

Masaya Onosaka

NEW YOUNGOnosaka Masaya
In 2010 he won the "Best Personality" Seiyu Award.

Daisuke Kishio

Kishio Daisuke
At the second Seiyu Awards, he has been nominated for "Best Actor in a Leading role", "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" and "Best Radio Personality".

Aki Toyosaki

She was named "Best New Actress" at the 4th Seiyu Awards in 2010 for her role as Yui Hirasawa in K-On! and Kana Nakamachi in Kanamemo, and received the "Best Lead Actress" and "Best Personality" awards at the 5th Seiyu Awards in 2011.

Tesshō Genda

Tessho GendaTesshô GendaTesshou Genda
In February 2010, he received a Merit Awards from the 4th Seiyu Awards.

Rie Kugimiya

She was nominated for Best Actress in Leading Role in the first Seiyu Awards for the role of Louise in The Familiar of Zero and for Best Actress in Supporting Role for the role of Kagura in Gintama, and jointly won Best Actress in a Supporting Role with Mitsuki Saiga at the second Seiyu Awards.

Mamoru Miyano

Miyano MamoruMiyano, MamoruSpace Travellers
At the 2007 Seiyuu Awards he was nominated for two awards for his role as Light Yagami in Death Note and in 2008, he won the "Best Voice Actor" award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

Kana Asumi

Asumi Kana
She won the Best Lead Actress Award in the 7th Seiyu Awards.

Kōji Yusa

Koji YusaKouji YusaYusa Kouji
He won the Sinergy Award for Kamen Rider Den-O at the 2nd Seiyu Awards.

Daisuke Namikawa

Namikawa Daisuke
He won for Best Actor in supporting roles in the 4th Seiyu Awards.

Ami Koshimizu

In 2007, she was awarded Best Actress in a supporting role at the 1st Seiyu Awards for her role as Kallen Stadtfeld in Code Geass.

Kenji Utsumi

He received a lifetime achievement award at the third Seiyu Awards.

Daiki Yamashita

He won the Best Male Newcomer award at the 8th Seiyu Awards in 2014.

Aoi Yūki

Aoi YukiAoi Yuuki
She was awarded the Best Lead Actress Award in the 6th Seiyu Awards.

Hiroshi Kamiya

Kamiya HiroshiEiji Kamiya
He won "Best Lead Actor" and "Best Personality" at the Third Seiyu Awards, and "Best Supporting Actor" at the Second Seiyu Awards.

Tomokazu Sugita

Sugita won the "Best Supporting Actor" Award in the third Seiyu Awards in 2009.

Ai Kayano

For her role as Menma, she received the Best Newcomer Award at the 6th Seiyu Awards in 2012.

Tetsuya Kakihara

Kakihara Tetsuya
He is nominated for the 'Best Male Newcomer/Rookie' award for his performance at the first Seiyu Awards in 2007.

Taichirō Hirokawa

Taichirou Hirokawa
His death was announced at the beginning of the 2nd Seiyu Awards.

Aya Suzaki

She received one of the Best Female Newcomers at the 9th Seiyu Awards in March 2015.

Nana Mizuki

Heaven Knows水樹奈々Mizuki Nana
Mizuki won the "Best Musical Performance" award by her song "Justice to Believe" in the first Seiyu Awards in 2007.

Kazuko Sugiyama

In February 2010, she received a "Merit Awards" from the 4th Seiyu Awards.

Kazuhiko Inoue

Inoue KazuhikoInoue, Kazuhiko
Recently, Inoue won as "Best Supporting Actor" in the Third Seiyu Awards for his role as Nyanko-sensei in Natsume Yūjin Chō.