Sexual tension

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Sexual tension is a social phenomenon that occurs when two individuals interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.wikipedia
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Sexual desire

desiresexual urgessexual motivation
Sexual tension is a social phenomenon that occurs when two individuals interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.
Sexual desire is also created and amplified through sexual tension, which is caused by sexual desire that has yet to be consummated.

Human sexual activity

sexual activitysexual behaviorsex
Sexual tension can also occur when two individuals have previously had sexual relations and still feel an attraction towards each other, but do not wish to have sex again for fear of its effect on their current social situation (such as maintaining a relationship with a different partner).
It is related to the idea that opposition between two people can heighten sexual tension, attraction and interest.

Sexual frustration

sexually frustratedfrustratedfrustrated sexual desires
*Sexual frustration


consummateconsummatedwedding night
Sexual tension is a social phenomenon that occurs when two individuals interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.


fictionalRealistic fictionfictitious
Sexual tension is a common feature in works of fiction.

Intimate relationship

relationshipintimacysexual relationship
This longing is often suggested by incidents of intimacy; for example, when two characters are alone and in close proximity (or actually touching), yet desire is never explicitly expressed.

List of Community characters

Abed NadirJeff WingerPierce Hawthorne
Before this, he shares a number of UST-y moments with another study group member, Annie, after she kisses him to win a championship debate.

Modern Warfare (Community)

Modern WarfareModern Warfare Online CommunityModern Warfare" (''Community'')
Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta confront their unresolved sexual tension.

I'm on Fire

I’m On Fire
The result was a moody number that merges a soft rockabilly beat, lyrics built around sexual tension, and synthesizers into an effective whole; it was one of the first uses of that instrument in Springsteen's music.

Erotic sexual denial

orgasm denialtease and denialorgasm control
Erotic sexual denial is the practice refraining from sexual experiences in order to increase erotic arousal and/or tension.

Peaches (The Stranglers song)

PeachesGo Buddy GoPeaches" (The Stranglers song)
Critic Tom Maginnis writes that Hugh Cornwell sings with "a lecherous sneer, the sexual tension is so unrelenting as to spill into macho parody or even censor-baiting territory".

Woody Boyd

It was later revealed that they always ate, to excess, around one another due to their palpable sexual tension.

The Avengers (TV series)

The AvengersAvengersSteed and Mrs. Peel
The series established a level of sexual tension between Steed and Gale, but the writers were not allowed to go beyond flirting and innuendo.

Alexandra Cabot

ADA Alexandra CabotAlex CabotAssistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot
Executive producer and head writer Neal Baer has said that an unaddressed sexual tension exists between Cabot and Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

A Piñata Named Desire

Francine gets frustrated with their constant fighting while Hayley attributes it to sexual tension and says they should just have sex already and get over it.


Frequency of masturbation is determined by many factors, e.g., one's resistance to sexual tension, hormone levels influencing sexual arousal, sexual habits, peer influences, health and one's attitude to masturbation formed by culture; E. Heiby and J. Becker examined the latter.

Fragments (Torchwood)

FragmentsFragments" (''Torchwood'')
Finding themselves pressed together on the ground, they experience a moment of sexual tension, before Ianto excuses himself.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Walk HardDewey Cox
Choirgirl Darlene Madison enters Dewey's life, and he produces several hit records amid their courtship laden with sexual tension.

Mesa of Lost Women

There is sexual tension between Grant and Doreen, culminating in a passionate kiss.

Heritage Universe

Heritage Universe seriesZardalu
There exists consistent sexual tension between Nenda and Darya Lang throughout the books, even while Lang is involved with Rebka.

Tramps Like Us

Kimi wa PetKimi wa PettoKimi wa Petto : You're My Pet
Sumire says there is no sex in their relationship, and she will only sleep with men who have the "three highs": higher pay, higher education and higher height (i.e. taller than her 170 cm.) Despite this, there is definite sexual tension in their relationship.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night’s DreamMidsummer Night's DreamMidsummer Night’s Dream
Love achieves force and direction from the interweaving of the life impulse with the deathward-release of sexual tension.

Ever Decreasing Circles

An undercurrent running throughout the series is the unresolved sexual tension and flirting between Paul and Ann.

A Friend's Betrayal

The sexual tension between them grows and they eventually have sex.

Weird Science (TV series)

Weird Sciencetelevision seriesWeird Science'' (TV series)