A report on Shaanxi and Wubu County

Shaanxi People's Government
Shaanxi cuisine
Terracotta Army
Education Department of Shaanxi Province
Shaanxi Science and Technology Museum
Temple of the Chenghuangshen (City God) of Weinan.
Guangren Temple of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Xi'an.
Road to the stupa of the Famen Temple (Chinese Buddhist).
Temple of Xuanyuan in Huangling, Yan'an.

Wubu County is located in the southeastern corner of Yulin City, in the north of Shaanxi Province, China, and on the western bank of the Yellow River.

- Wubu County

For instance, Jin language in Wubu County distinguishes 陝西 from 山西, Jin language in Lin County distinguishes 陝西 from 山西 , Central Plains Mandarin in Xianyang distinguishes 陝西 from 山西.

- Shaanxi

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