Sheepshead Bay High School

Defunct public high school in Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

- Sheepshead Bay High School

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Larry David

American comedian, writer, actor, director, and television producer.

David in 2009
David in December 2009

David graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School (now defunct) in 1965.

Howard Kurtz

American journalist and author best known for his coverage of the media.

Kurtz at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Knife Fight

He is a 1970 graduate of Sheepshead Bay High School

Elayne Boosler

American comedian, writer and actor.

Boosler on David Feldman's podcast in 2016

She graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School in 1969 and was enrolled at the University of South Florida, but she dropped-out after two years and traveled to the Bahamas where she worked for six months as a singer and dancer in a musical revue, before returning to New York.

Rico Petrocelli

American former baseball shortstop and third baseman who played his entire Major League Baseball (MLB) career with the Boston Red Sox.

Petrocelli in 1969
Petrocelli (third from left) and other Red Sox personnel with Mayor of Boston John F. Collins (at right) in October 1967
Petrocelli in 1976

Petrocelli was born in Brooklyn, and graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School there in 1961.

Young M.A

Katorah Kasanova Marrero (born April 3, 1992), better known by her stage name Young M.A (acronym for '''Young Me.

Marrero in June 2018

In 2010, she graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School.

Donna Pescow

American film and television actress and director.

Pescow in 2008

Pescow attended Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Frank Brooks (baseball)

Former Major League Baseball.

Brooks played high school baseball at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn.

Mark Turenshine

American-Israeli basketball player.

He attended and played basketball at Sheepshead Bay High School ('62).

Kelly Wallace

Television journalist who reports for CNN.

Wallace in 2011

Kelly Jean Wallace was born on December 21, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York, where she graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School in 1983.

Frank Macchiarola

American academic.

In 2014, the former Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn, NY was renamed in his honor, "the Frank J. Macchiarola Educational Complex".