Shen Wuhua

Crown Princess Shen WuhuaEmpress Shen WuhuaEmpress ShenLady Shen Wuhua
Shen Wuhua, later dharma name Guanyin, was an empress of the Chen dynasty.wikipedia
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After Emperor Yang's death, Empress Shen crossed the Yangtze south to Piling City (毗陵, in modern Changzhou, Jiangsu), where she became a Buddhist nun with the name Guanyin ("Avalokiteśvara").

Emperor Taizong of Tang

Emperor TaizongLi ShiminTaizong
Guanyin died early in the reign of Emperor Taizong of Tang (626-649), but the exact year is not known.

Xiao Cong

Emperor Jing of Western LiangEmperor JingXiao Jing Di
When Cui arrived in the nearby Ruo Province (鄀州, roughly modern Yichang, Hubei), Emperor Jing's uncle Xiao Yan and brother Xiao Huan, suspicious that Cui was instead planning to attack, sent the official Shen Jungong (沈君公, uncle of Chen Shubao's Empress Shen Wuhua) to Chen Huiji, offering to surrender.