Sherwood Anderson

Anderson in 1933
"Roof-Fix carried us to Elyria" wrote Sherwood Anderson's wife, Cornelia Lane, of the product her husband started a company to sell.
Advertisement for the Anderson Manufacturing Co., a company owned by Sherwood Anderson from 1907 to 1913, almost a decade before he became a well-known author
Anderson's grave marker at Round Hill Cemetery in Marion, Virginia. Designed by Wharton Esherick and executed in black granite by Victor Riu.
First edition title page of Winesburg, Ohio

American novelist and short story writer, known for subjective and self-revealing works.

- Sherwood Anderson

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Clyde, Ohio

City in Sandusky County, Ohio, United States, located 8 miles southeast of Fremont.

The town is known for having served as inspiration for the setting of Sherwood Anderson's 1919 collection of short stories Winesburg, Ohio.

Elyria, Ohio

City in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan statistical area and the county seat of Lorain County, Ohio, United States, located at the forks of the Black River in Northeast Ohio 23 miles southwest of Cleveland.

Former Lorain County Courthouse
East Falls on the Black River in Cascade Park
Elyria High School

Sherwood Anderson, writer, lived here as business owner in early 1900s before abandoning it in 1912

Franklin County, Virginia

Located in the Blue Ridge foothills of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Franklin County historic marker, State of Virginia

The writer Sherwood Anderson was among the many outsiders who came to cover the trial.

Wittenberg University

Private liberal arts college in Springfield, Ohio.

Main entrance to the university
Wittenberg University's Guest House
Carnegie Hall of Science and Recitation Hall (1911 Postcard)
Wittenberg Track and Field runners practice in front of The Steemer Indoor Fieldhouse on Nov 8, 2018.
Myers Hall, built in 1846, was the first building at Wittenberg.

Sherwood Anderson, writer

Winesburg, Ohio

First edition title page
Map of fictional town of Winesburg from the 1st edition of Winesburg, Ohio.

Winesburg, Ohio (full title: Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life) is a 1919 short story cycle by the American author Sherwood Anderson.

William Faulkner

American writer known for his novels and short stories set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County, based on Lafayette County, Mississippi, where Faulkner spent most of his life.

Faulkner in 1954, photographed by Carl Van Vechten
Faulkner was influenced by stories of his great-grandfather and namesake William Clark Falkner.
Cadet Faulkner in Toronto, 1918
During part of his time in New Orleans, Faulkner lived in a house in the French Quarter (pictured center yellow).
The Sound and the Fury (1929)
Light in August (1932)
Faulkner in 1954
Faulkner's home Rowan Oak is maintained by the University of Mississippi.
One of Faulkner's typewriters
A street named after Faulkner in Paris, France

After being directly influenced by Sherwood Anderson, he made his first attempt at fiction writing.

Ernest Hemingway

American novelist, short-story writer, and journalist.

Hemingway working on his book For Whom the Bell Tolls at the Sun Valley Lodge, Idaho, in December 1939
Hemingway was the second child and first son born to Clarence and Grace.
The Hemingway family in 1905 (from the left): Marcelline, Sunny, Clarence, Grace, Ursula, and Ernest
Hemingway in uniform in Milan, 1918. He drove ambulances for two months until he was wounded.
Hemingway in American Red Cross Hospital, July 1918
Hemingway's 1923 passport photo. At this time, he lived in Paris with his wife Hadley, and worked as a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star Weekly.
Ernest and Pauline Hemingway in Paris, 1927
The Hemingway House in Key West, Florida, where he lived between 1931 and 1939 and where he wrote To Have and Have Not
Ernest, Pauline, Bumby, Patrick, and Gloria Hemingway pose with marlins after a fishing trip to Bimini in 1935
Hemingway (center) with Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens and German writer Ludwig Renn (serving as an International Brigades officer) in Spain during Spanish Civil War, 1937
Hemingway with Col. Charles "Buck" Lanham in Germany, 1944, during the fighting in Hürtgenwald, after which he became ill with pneumonia.
Hemingway in the cabin of his boat Pilar, off the coast of Cuba, c. 1950
Hemingway bird-hunting at Silver Creek, near Picabo, Idaho, January 1959; with him are Gary Cooper and Bobbie Peterson
Hemingway Memorial, Sun Valley, Idaho
Life-sized statue of Hemingway by José Villa Soberón, at El Floridita bar in Havana

In Chicago, he worked as an associate editor of the monthly journal Cooperative Commonwealth, where he met novelist Sherwood Anderson.

Dark Laughter

First edition cover

Dark Laughter is a 1925 novel by the American author Sherwood Anderson.

Marion, Virginia

Town in and the county seat of Smyth County, Virginia, United States.

Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941), the well-known American author who strongly influenced the style of writing in the

Camden, Ohio

Village in Preble County, Ohio, United States.

Sherwood Anderson, novelist