Shrew mole

shrew-like moleshrew-moleshrew-moles
A shrew mole or shrew-mole is a mole that resembles a shrew.wikipedia
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talpidmolemogura (moles)
The family Talpidae includes the moles, shrew moles, desmans, and other intermediate forms of small insectivorous mammals of the order Eulipotyphla.


Uropsilinaeshrew-like molesshrew moles
Although each species' official English common name still calls them "shrew moles", Uropsilus today are referred to as "shrew-like moles" to distinguish them from other shrew moles, Neurotrichus gibbsii of North America, and the Urotrichini, or Japanese shrew moles, both of which are morphologically quite different from Uropsilus and are grouped with the Old World Moles and relatives.

American shrew mole

Shrew-moleAmerican shrew-moleNeurotrichus gibbsii

Mole (animal)

The term is not applied to all talpids; e.g., desmans and shrew-moles differ from the common definition of "mole".


New World moles
The Scalpidae are the only Talpidae subfamily to consist entirely of undisputed moles and no mole-like close relatives such as shrew-moles or desmans.


Eulipotyphla comprises the hedgehogs and gymnures (family Erinaceidae, formerly also the order Erinaceomorpha), solenodons (family Solenodontidae), the desmans, moles, and shrew-like moles (family Talpidae) and true shrews (family Soricidae).

March Mammal Madness

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Animals who did not advance to round two: snow leopard, fisher, rhesus macaque, sac-winged bat, long-tailed pangolin, burrowing bettong, hairy-nosed wombat, bat-eared fox, red squirrel, brown-throated sloth, silky anteater, southern marsupial mole, meerkat, patas monkey, marbled polecat, bilby, long-eared hedgehog, sand cat, jerboa, giant red flying squirrel, lion, leopard, fossil baboon, dire wolf, giant armadillo, Irish elk, quokka, shrew mole, raccoon dog, otter civet, kangaroo rat, mouse opossum, deer mouse, squirrel monkey, grasshopper mouse

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The family Talpidae includes the moles, shrew moles, and desmans.