si5s is a writing system for American Sign Language that resembles a handwritten form of SignWriting.wikipedia
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Soon after its release, si5s development split into two branches: the "official" si5s track monitored by Arnold and a new set of partners at ASLized, and the "open source" ASLwrite.
ASLwrite ( ASL: ) is a somacheirographic writing system that developed from si5s.

American Sign Language

ASLsign languageAmerican Sign Language (ASL)
si5s is a writing system for American Sign Language that resembles a handwritten form of SignWriting.
Several additional candidates for written ASL have appeared over the years, including SignFont, ASL-phabet, and Si5s.

Stokoe notation

AvStokoe's terminology and notation system
Stokoe notation

New York City

New YorkNew York, New YorkNew York City, New York
It was devised in 2003 in New York City by Robert Arnold, with an unnamed collaborator.


NVState of NevadaNevada, USA
In July 2010 at the Deaf Nation World Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, it was presented and formally announced to the public.


In 2015, Arnold had a falling out with his ASLized partners, took down the website, and made his Twitter account private.

Mt. San Antonio College

Mt. SACMt. San AntonioMt. San Antonio CC
Arnold is currently a faculty member of the Sign Language & Interpreting program at Mt. San Antonio College.


Some words are in fact logographs such as "WHO" and "FOR-FOR."


To build a word, handshapes are bounded to locatives with diacritics and movement marks bounded to the handshape graphemes themselves.

Sign language

deaf sign languagesign languagessigning
si5s is another orthography which is largely phonemic. However, a few signs are logographs and/or ideographs due to regional variation in sign languages.