Simon Kvamm

Simon Kvamm during a Nephew concert at Roskilde Festival 2010

Danish-Faroese actor and singer.

- Simon Kvamm

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Nephew (band)

Danish rock band formed in 1996 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Simon Kvamm at Roskilde Festival 2010.
Simon Kvamm performing at Roskilde Festival 2010

The band consists of Simon Kvamm (lead vocals, keyboards, songwriting), Kristian Riis (guitar, backing vocals), Søren Arnholt (drums, backing vocals), Kasper Toustrup (bass guitar), René Munk Thalund (keyboards), and Marie Højlund (vocals, keyboards, guitar).


Danish town with a population of 48,369 .

Old Town Hall
Lake Ørnsø
Hjejlen ("The Golden Plover") is a historic steamboat that sails from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget. In the background can be seen the city's former paper mills, now home to the Radisson-SAS Hotel and other shops.
Harald Madsen, 1930's
Alphabeat, 2008
Eskild Ebbesen, 2012

Simon Kvamm (born 1975) a Danish-Faroese actor and singer

Peter Sommer

Danish singer and songwriter.

Peter Sommer during Smukfest (2013)

Besides his solo career, he was in the duo Superjeg with Carsten Valentin Lassen, and is currently part of the duo De Eneste To alongside Simon Kvamm.

L.O.C. (rapper)

Danish rapper, songwriter and TV-host.

L.O.C. performing at Grøn Koncert 2009 in Aalborg, 19 July 2009

2008: "Superbia" feat. Simon Kvamm

De Eneste To

"DET", Jelling Musikfestival 2015

De Eneste To (literally The Only Two in Danish) is a successful Danish band consisting of two established musicians, Peter Sommer and Simon Kvamm.

Drengene fra Angora

Danish television satirical comedy series.

The current actors are Esben Pretzmann, Rune Tolsgaard and Simon Kvamm.

Superliga (song)

Single by Danish rockband Nephew from their 2004 album USADSB.

An 8cm CD single from Japan.

Celebrities mentioned include: Jason Watt, Rasmus Trads, Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain, Michael Stipe, Wesley Snipes, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, O. J. Simpson, Katja Kean, Don Ø, Bjarne Riis, Brian Steen Nielsen, Mogens Amdi Petersen, Pia Kjærsgaard, Johnny Cash, Simon Kvamm

The Danish Way to Rock

Danish language 2010 FIFA World Cup theme song for Denmark and a hit single by Danish band Nephew featuring Landsholdet .

"The Danish Way to Rock" was a song written in Danish (despite its English language title) by Nephew band member Simon Kvamm and music by the band Nephew and arranged and produced by Nephew and Carsten Heller.

Trio Van Gogh

Danish sitcom, created by Rune Tolsgaard and Esben Pretzmann of Drengene fra Angora-fame.

The series stars Mia Lyhne, Brian Lykke, Hjalte Flagstad, Jesper Rofeldt, Esben Pretzmann, Rune Tolsgaard, and also Simon Kvamm makes a short guest appearance.

Bremen Teater (Copenhagen)

Theatre in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2009 the venue was revived under its current name by a group of people from the Danish entertainment industry, including Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam, Simon Kvamm and Niels Hausgaard.