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Simon Plouffe

Mathematician who discovered the Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe formula (BBP algorithm) which permits the computation of the nth binary digit of π, in 1995.

- Simon Plouffe
Simon Plouffe

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Online database of integer sequences.

Second edition of the book
Plot of Sloane's Gap : number of occurrences (Y log scale) of each integer (X scale) in the OEIS database

2) The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences with Simon Plouffe (1995, ISBN: 0-12-558630-2), containing 5,488 sequences and assigned M-numbers from M0000 to M5487. The Encyclopedia includes the references to the corresponding sequences (which may differ in their few initial terms) in A Handbook of Integer Sequences as N-numbers from N0001 to N2372 (instead of 1 to 2372.) The Encyclopedia includes the A-numbers that are used in the OEIS, whereas the Handbook did not.