Link-type, diamond pattern snow chains on a front-wheel drive automobile.
Winter tire, showing tread pattern designed to compact snow in the gaps.
Snow chains at the front wheel of a grader at the Pikes Peak Highway.
Snow tire with metal studs, which improve traction on icy surfaces.
Automatic tire chains are permanently mounted near the drive tires and engage by turning a switch, then move into position to fling the pieces of chain under the tires automatically. Automatic chains were invented in 1941 in the United States and Sweden in 1977.
Tire showing the ASTM 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol, denoting a qualifying snow tire, and a separate snow flake symbol, that recommends tire replacement with 4 mm of tread remaining
Cable chains on a car tire, with a relatively simple and easy-to-secure design; this is a ladder-type design
A Czech road sign Winter equipment, which mandates the use of snow tires
Cable chains on a bus tire
Russian studded tires warning sticker.
chain for motorcycle
Vehicle in cold, dry, powder snow, which offers comparatively better traction than moist snow.
Traction chains on a wheel loader
Vehicles in warm, moist, granular snow encounter decreased roadway traction.
Compaction of snow under an advancing snow tire, causing rolling resistance while passing through about {{convert|10|cm|in|sigfig=1}} of snow.
Compaction in about {{convert|5|cm|in|sigfig=1}} of snow left behind a snow tire, showing tread-snow interaction.

All prefectures of Japan, except for the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa, require the motorized vehicles to be fitted with winter tires or tire chains if the road is icy or slushy.

- Snow tire

Alternatives include studded tires, which are snow tires with metal studs individually mounted into holes in the treads; emergency traction devices which may be similar to tire chains but mount around the tire through openings in the rim; and snow socks, which are fabric rather than chain or cable.

- Snow chains
Link-type, diamond pattern snow chains on a front-wheel drive automobile.

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