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Scene from Cannibal Holocaust
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It is most notorious for being marketed as if it were an actual snuff film.

- Snuff (film)

The concept of "snuff films" being made for profit became more widely known with the commercial film Snuff (1976).

- Snuff film
Scene from Cannibal Holocaust

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Michael Findlay (filmmaker)

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American filmmaker, producer and screenwriter.

American filmmaker, producer and screenwriter.

In 1976, Findlay's distributor/producer Allan Shackleton decided to use the film as a means of exploiting then-growing rumors in New York City about snuff films—movies purporting to show the actual murder of a human being, filmed for the sole purpose of being sold and exhibited for financial gain.

It was then released under the name Snuff, with the tagline "The film that could only be made in South America... where Life is CHEAP".