A report on Swahili language and Somali Bantus

Swahili in Arabic script—memorial plate at the Askari Monument, Dar es Salaam (1927)
Bantu farmers near Kismayo
Although originally written with the Arabic script, Swahili is now written in a Latin alphabet introduced by Christian missionaries and colonial administrators. The text shown here is the Catholic version of the Lord's Prayer.
Map showing the ancestral roots of the Somali Bantu peoples
Swahili in Arabic script on the clothes of a girl in German East Africa (ca. early 1900s)
A Bantu servant woman in Mogadishu (1882–1883)
Loxodonta africana elephants frolic in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, 2012.
A Bantu man working in the fields
A Bantu refugee boy in Florida

The Somali Bantu are not to be confused with the members of Swahili society of Somalia in coastal centers, such as the Bajuni or the Bravanese, who speak dialects of the Swahili language but have a culture, tradition, and history separate of the Somali Bantu.

- Somali Bantus

Lastly, a closely related language Mushunguli (also known as Zigula, Zigua, or Chizigua) is spoken by some of the Somali Bantu ethnic minority mostly living in the Jubba Valley.

- Swahili language
Swahili in Arabic script—memorial plate at the Askari Monument, Dar es Salaam (1927)

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Country in the Horn of Africa.

Country in the Horn of Africa.

Neolithic rock art at the Laas Geel complex depicting a long-horned cow.
Men from Punt carrying Gifts, Tomb of Rekhmire.
The Beden is a fast, ancient Somali single or double-masted maritime ship.
The Silk Road extending from China to southern Europe, Arabia, Somalia, Egypt, Persia, India, and Java.
The Ajuran Sultanate maintained commercial ties with the Ming dynasty and other kingdoms.
Gunpowder wedding of a Prince of Luuq, one of the main cities in the Sultanate of Geledi.
One of the forts of the Majeerteen Sultanate in Hafun.
Mogadishu, capital of Italian Somaliland, with the Catholic Cathedral at the center and the Arch monument in honor of King Umberto I of Italy.
An avenue in downtown Mogadishu in 1963.
Major General Mohamed Siad Barre, Chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Council, meeting with President of Romania Nicolae Ceauşescu.
Exhumed skeletal remains of victims of the Isaaq genocide found from a mass grave site located in Berbera, Somaliland.
Map of the sites related to the Isaaq genocide
Prior to the civil war, Mogadishu was known as the "White pearl of the Indian Ocean".
Map showing the ICU at the peak of its influence.
Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
Political and military situation in Somalia as of 2020
Structure of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.
A map of Somalia's regions.
The Cal Madow mountain range in Somaliland features the nation's highest peak, Shimbiris.
The Jubba River
Somalia's coral reefs, ecological parks and protected areas
The coast south of Mogadishu
Somalia map of Köppen climate classification.
A camel in the northern mountains.
Mohamed Osman Jawari, Former Speaker of the Federal Parliament
Former President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opening the new terminal of Aden Abdulle International Airport in Mogadishu, Somalia. (25 January 2015)
Turkish embassy in Mogadishu
Instructors from the European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM) take Somali soldiers through training drills at Jazeera Training Camp in Mogadishu.
Air Somalia Tupolev Tu-154 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Somalia today has several private airlines
A proportional representation of Somalia exports, 2019
Shoppers in Hamarwayne market in Mogadishu
The Port of Bosaso
500 Somali shilling banknote
Oil blocks in Puntland
The Hormuud Telecom building in Mogadishu
Ancient cave paintings near Hargeisa
The Aden Adde International Airport
Population per age group
The Kaddare writing script
The Mosque of Islamic Solidarity in Mogadishu is the largest mosque in the Horn region
Life expectancy in Somalia, 1950 to 2019
A Somali boy receiving a polio vaccination.
Mogadishu University's main campus in Mogadishu.
Various types of popular Somali dishes
Abdi Bile, Somalia's most decorated athlete and holder of the most national records.
The Citadel of Gondershe
2022 Somalia 1 oz Silver coin Leopard (100 shillings)

They include Bravanese, Bantus, Bajuni, Ethiopians (especially Oromos), Yemenis, Indians, Persians, Italians and Britons.

Other minority languages include Bravanese, a variant of the Bantu Swahili language that is spoken along the coast by the Bravanese people, as well as Kibajuni, a Swahili dialect that is the mother tongue of the Bajuni minority ethnic group.

Bajuni people

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Bantu ethnic group mainly residing on the Bajuni Islands and surrounding coastal areas between the port city of Kismayo and Mombasa area of Kenya and Somalia’s southern border.

Bantu ethnic group mainly residing on the Bajuni Islands and surrounding coastal areas between the port city of Kismayo and Mombasa area of Kenya and Somalia’s southern border.

The population's members trace their origins to diverse groups; primarily coastal Jareer a descendant of Bantus enslaved by Somalis merchants.

They speak Kibajuni, a dialect of the Bantu Swahili language.