Song Du-yul

Salvator Rosa, Portrait of a Philosopher

German philosopher and sociologist of Korean descent.

- Song Du-yul

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National Security Act (South Korea)

South Korean law enforced since 1948 with the avowed purpose "to secure the security of the State and the subsistence and freedom of nationals, by regulating any anticipated activities compromising the safety of the State." However, the law now has a newly inserted article that limits its arbitrary application.

Seoul Supreme Court during Japanese rule

Other well-known uses of the National Security act include the 1999 banning of the students' union Hanchongryun and the 2003 spy case against Song Du-yul, a Korean living in Germany.

Koreans in Germany

Koreans in Germany numbered 31,248 individuals, according to the statistics of South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Kim Yu-taik, Chief of Economic Plannig Board addresses workers to be dispatched to Germany from South Korea. 1962-08-16.
1953: North Korean guest students arrive in East-Berlin
Distribution of South Korean citizens in districts of Germany in 2021
Distribution of North Korean citizens in districts of Germany in 2021

Song Du-yul, philosophy professor and former prisoner under South Korea's National Security Act.

Oh Kil-nam

Retired South Korean economist, who was offered a job as an economist in North Korea, and so defected to North Korea with his wife Shin Suk-ja

He was influenced in this by a number of famous South Korean leftists in Germany, including Song Du-yul and Yun Isang; they later suggested that he could help his motherland by working as an economist in North Korea.

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Song Du-yul

List of University of Münster people

This list contains some of the most notable students, scientists, lecturer and honorary doctors of the University of Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster).

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Song Du-yul (born 1944), philosopher, former prisoner under South Korea's National Security Act

Song (Korean surname)

Korean family name derived from the Chinese surname Song.

The word "Hangul", written in the Korean alphabet

Song Du-yul (born 1944), professor at University of Münster