Soviet occupation zone

Soviet ZoneSoviet Zone of OccupationSoviet occupationSovietSoviet Occupation Zone of GermanyGermanySoviet occupation zone (SBZ / ''Sowjetische Besatzungszone'')Soviet sectorSoviet-occupied zoneEast Germany
The Soviet Occupation Zone (Sowjetische Besatzungszone (SBZ) or Ostzone; Советская оккупационная зона Германии, Sovetskaya okkupatsionnaya zona Germanii, "Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany") was the area of central Germany occupied by the Soviet Union from 1945 on, at the end of World War II. On 7 October 1949 the German Democratic Republic (GDR), which became commonly referred to as East Germany, was established in the Soviet Occupation Zone.wikipedia
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