Spud gun

spud gunsair cannonpneumatic cannonsPneumatic Launcherspotato gunProduce acceleratorsspud cannonspud-guntoy of the same name
A spud gun is a small toy gun used to fire a fragment of potato.wikipedia
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Toy gun

toy weapontoy gunstoy
A spud gun is a small toy gun used to fire a fragment of potato.
Spud guns are small toy guns used to fire a fragment of potato.

Milton Levine

Uncle Milton IndustriesUncle Milton
Cossman, the brother-in-law of "Uncle" Milton Levine, discovered there was a potato glut at the time, and through an advertising campaign sold two million spud guns in six months.
Levine and Cossman also successfully mass marketed the potato gun, toy shrunken heads to hang from car rear view mirrors and balloon animals.


potatoesSolanum tuberosumIrish potato
A spud gun is a small toy gun used to fire a fragment of potato.

Great Depression

DepressionThe Great DepressionDepression era
The first spud gun was invented during the Great Depression, when few people would have wanted to waste a potato.

Potato cannon

potato gunT-shirt cannonspud gun
A potato cannon (sometimes known as a spud gun, not to be confused with a toy of the same name) is a pipe-based cannon which uses air pressure (pneumatic), or combustion of a flammable gas (aerosol, propane, etc.), to launch projectiles at high speeds.

Bully (video game)

BullyBully: Scholarship EditionJimmy Hopkins
The weapons available include slingshots, bags of marbles, stink bombs and spud cannons.

The Family Fang

of the same name
Meanwhile, whilst on assignment in Nebraska covering a pair of war veterans who build spud guns, Buster is shot in the face and hospitalized.


piedpie fightpie in the face
In Bugsy Malone (1976), the "splurge guns" resembled spud guns which fired custard.

The Dig (House)

The Digin season sevenThe Dig" (''House'')
House mentions he is going to a spud-gun competition.

9.3×57mm Mauser

9.3×57mm9.3 x 57mm Mauser9.3×57
The 9.3×57mm is still fairly popular among moose hunters in Scandinavia (among hunters in Sweden it is affectionately known as "potatiskastaren", the spud gun, because of the slow and heavy bullet).

Piston valve

The term is extremely popular among spud gun enthusiasts who often build homemade piston valves for use in pneumatic cannon.

Dwight Schrute

DwightBlightDwight Kurt Schrute
Dwight also claimed to have sat at his desk for an entire day with a spud gun, without any difficulty from Security.

Pipe bomb

pipe bombspipe-bombpipebomb
As well as users such as criminals, paramilitaries, and militias, they also have a long tradition of recreational use for amusement or mischief with no intention to cause injury to anyone, but due to the dangers of premature ignition and of shrapnel, pipe bombs are much more dangerous than alternatives such as dry ice bombs or spud guns.


pneumaticpneumaticallycompressed air

Cap gun

cap pistolcaptoy guns
Potato or spud guns occasionally use a cap to provide a burst of gas to fire the projectile, a small cutting of potato.

Dry ice bomb

a plastic bottle filled with dry ice (or dry ice bomb)Dry ice cannon

Dynamite gun

dynamite-gundynamite torpedo-gunPneumatic Dynamite Gun


Chicken gun

NASA Chicken GunBirdstrike simulatorChicken cannon

Kansas City Royals

RoyalsKansas CityKansas City Royals Hall of Fame
On game day, Sluggerrr can be found giving aggressive encouragement to players and fans, pitching in the "Little K", and firing hot dogs from an air cannon into the stands between innings.