stopwatchesstop watchhand-timedchronometershand timedhand timingrecorded manuallystop clockstop watchesstopper
A stopwatch is a handheld timepiece designed to measure the amount of time that elapses between its activation and deactivation.wikipedia
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clockstimepiecemechanical clock
A stopwatch is a handheld timepiece designed to measure the amount of time that elapses between its activation and deactivation.


chronographschronographic wristwatchtimer
A chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch.

Samuel Watson (horologist)

Samuel Watson
Samuel Watson (horologist), maker of the first stopwatch
c.1687-c.1710), was a horologist (clock and watch maker) who invented the 5 minute repeater, and made the first stopwatch.


timekeepingLe VisionariumSpecial Guest Timekeeper
In the case of a job occupation, the timekeeper is a person who measures time with the assistance of a clock or stopwatch.


timerstiming devicesoftware timer
A timer which counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time is often called a stopwatch, while a device which counts down from a specified time interval is more usually called a timer.

The Stopwatch Gang

Stopwatch Gang
The Stopwatch Gang
The group was nicknamed "The Stopwatch Gang" by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because one of the men was seen wearing a stopwatch around his neck while robbing the bank.

Time clock

clocking inpunch clocktime-clocks
Time clock

Fully automatic time

fully automatic timingelectronic timingautomatically timed
In fully automatic time, both starting and stopping are triggered automatically, by sensors.


springspring motorspring-wound
Mechanical stopwatches are powered by a mainspring, which must be periodically wound up by turning the knurled knob at the top of the watch.

Crystal oscillator

crystalquartz oscillatorquartz crystal
Digital electronic stopwatches are available which, due to their crystal oscillator timing element, are much more accurate than mechanical timepieces.

Integrated circuit

integrated circuitsmicrochipchip
Because they contain a microchip, they often include date and time-of-day functions as well.

Nixie tube

NixieNixiesCold cathode character display tube
It utilized a Nixie-tube readout and provided a resolution of 1/1000 second.


Laboratory experiments and sporting events like sprints are good examples.

Sprint (running)

Laboratory experiments and sporting events like sprints are good examples.


Stopwatches that count by 1/100 of a second are commonly mistaken as counting milliseconds, rather than centiseconds.

Propagation of uncertainty

error propagationtheory of errorspropagation of error
To get more accurate results, most researchers use the propagation of uncertainty equation in order to reduce any error in experiments.

International System of Units

SISI unitsSI unit
In most science experiments, researchers will normally use SI or the International System of Units on any of their experiments.

Time-to-digital converter

time to digital convertertime-to-amplitude convertertime-to-digital converters
Time to digital converter

Measuring instrument

instrumentscientific instrumentinstruments
These instruments may range from simple objects such as rulers and stopwatches to electron microscopes and particle accelerators.

Speed limit enforcement

speed trapspeed trapsspeeding
Traditionally, police officers used stopwatches to measure the time taken for a vehicle to cover a known distance.


CasioCasio G-Shock Mudman wristwatchMudman
They are designed primarily for sports, military and outdoors-oriented activities; nearly all G-shocks are digital or a combination of analog and digital and have a stopwatch feature, countdown timer, electroluminescent backlight and water resistance.

10-second barrier

sub-10-secondunder 10 seconds10 second barrier
Times were recorded manually to one tenth of a second; three official timers with stopwatches noted when the starting gun flashed and when the runner crossed the finish line, and their median recorded time was the official mark.

Individual time trial

ITTtime trialindividual
An individual time trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock on flat or rolling terrain, or up a mountain road such as Alpe d'Huez (in French: contre la montre – literally "against the watch", in Italian: tappa a cronometro "stopwatch stage").

Operations management

operations manageroperationsoperation
In 1883, Frederick Winslow Taylor introduced the stopwatch method for accurately measuring the time to perform each single task of a complicated job.

40-yard dash

forty yard dash4040 time
However, the method of timing a 40-yard dash can affect the accuracy by as much as 0.5 seconds (with the manual stopwatch method).