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The Great Red Spot on Jupiter
Heavy snowfall and strong winds during a 2016 blizzard, New York City
A snow blockade in southern Minnesota in 1881
National Guard members clear a road of fallen trees after a February 2021 winter storm in Putnam County, West Virginia.
A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike during a thunderstorm.
Snow storm in Modena, Italy
A sunshower storm in the Mojave desert at sunset.
Wet snow and sleet during a winter storm, on the deck of RFA Tidespring south of Plymouth in the English Channel.
Effect of wind shear on aircraft trajectory. Merely correcting for the initial gust front can have dire consequences.
Coated in ice, power and telephone lines sag and often break, resulting in power outages.
The Great Wave off Kanagawa, an 1831 ukiyo-e print by Hokusai
Crabapple covered in icy glaze due to freezing rain. Ice storms often coat many surfaces. Severe ice storms, which may occur in spring, can kill plant life.
Rembrandt's 1633 The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.
2008 Chinese winter storm in Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Lightning within the cloud causes the entire blanket to illuminate.
High Desert storm approaches at sunset.
Heavy storm brought by Severe Tropical Storm Sanvu in Hong Kong.
Winter North Atlantic storm strength Beaufort 9 causing extremely high waves.
Storm waves coming abeam from starboard, causing water on deck.

It may be marked by significant disruptions to normal conditions such as strong wind, tornadoes, hail, thunder and lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm), or wind transporting some substance through the atmosphere as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.

- Storm

Severe winter weather conditions called "winter storms", can be local weather fulfilling the criteria for 24 hours, or large storm systems covering part of a continent for several days.

- Winter storm
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter

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Heavy snow during the January 2016 United States blizzard.


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Heavy snow during the January 2016 United States blizzard.
Blizzard into Tochal Skiing resort, Tehran and involved skiers.
Drifted snow near Burrow-with-Burrow, Lancashire, England, January 1963
Near-whiteout conditions dim the far end of Times Square in New York City, 2015.
March blizzard in North Dakota, 1966.
The Brooklyn Bridge during the Great Blizzard of 1888.
Conditions approaching a blizzard whiteout in Minnesota, on March 1, 2007. Note the unclear horizon near the center.
Illustration of the Great Blizzard of 1888
A snow blockade in southern Minnesota, central US. On March 29, 1881, snowdrifts in Minnesota were higher than locomotives.
Stereoscopic view card showing "Blasting ice with dynamite from in front of steamer on the ways, by Stanley J. Morrow" ~ A view of Yankton's riverfront after the flood of March 1881.
Under the weight of snow, a tree falls next to a car in Asheville, North Carolina

A blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong sustained winds and low visibility, lasting for a prolonged period of time—typically at least three or four hours.

A nor'easter is a macro-scale storm that occurs off the New England and Atlantic Canada coastlines.