A report on Straight-tusked elephant and Upnor

Arethusa Venture Centre, with figure-head, Lower Upnor.
Complete skeleton in Rome.
The Older London Stone standing in front of the fence of the Arethusa Venture Centre.
Life restoration
A Thames Barge sails past the depot: Upnor Castle (left), 'B' Magazine (centre), No. 5 Shell Store (right).
Skeleton in Naturkunde Museum, Berlin
RE assault boat training at Upper Upnor
Illustration from 1916
Former 'B' Magazine (1857) undergoing refurbishment.
Full-size reconstruction in the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon
Former Dry Guncotton Store (right, 1895)
Replica of a P. antiquus on the edge of the Elm forest at Schöningen
Left to right: former No 3 Shell Store (1883), Mine Testing Room (1905) and Wet Guncotton Store (1895)
Left to right: Main entrance, former Filled Mine Store (1904), former Filled Shell Store (1904)

A skeleton of a Straight-tusked Elephant was excavated in 1911, during the construction of the Royal Engineers' Upnor Hard.

- Upnor

Two sites were found in the Lower Thames basin, one at Upnor, Kent and one at Aveley, Essex.

- Straight-tusked elephant

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