Swansea, Massachusetts

SwanseaSwansea, MASwansey
Swansea is a town in Bristol County in southeastern Massachusetts.wikipedia
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Massachusetts's 3rd congressional district

3rd3rd districtMassachusetts 3
In Bristol County: Attleboro, Fall River (Wards 1-3; Ward 4, Precincts A and B; Ward 5, Precincts A and B; Ward 6, Precincts B and C; and Ward 8, Precinct D), North Attleborough, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somerset, Swansea.

Luther's Corner

536 Fall River Ave
Luther's Corner is a historic district encompassing the original economic center of Swansea, Massachusetts.

Pliny Merrick

He began the practice of law in Worcester, before moving to Charlton, Swansea and Taunton to practice law.

Samuel Luther

He served as the minister of the First Baptist Church of Swansea from 1685 until his death.

List of dams and reservoirs in United States

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Swansea Dam – Swansea, Massachusetts

Great Swamp Fight

Great Swampgreat swamp fortressGreat Swamp Massacre
Several Wampanoag men attacked and killed colonists in Swansea, Massachusetts on June 20, 1675, and that began King Philip's War.

Sackville, New Brunswick

Sackville SackvilleSackville, NB
The Sackville area was abandoned for six years after the expulsion of the Acadians until 1761 when 25 families from Rhode Island settled on the vacated Acadian farms, followed in 1763 by a group of 13 from Swansea, Massachusetts, who formed the first Baptist church in Canada, but subsequently returned to New England.


June 11 – Armed Wampanoags are reported traveling around Swansea, Massachusetts.

Charles Lewis Tiffany

Charles TiffanyTiffanyLewis C. Tiffany
The Tiffany family descended from the immigrant Humphrey Tiffany (England, 1630-Swansea, Massachusetts, 1685), who had lived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1660.

Roswell B. Mason

His father Arnold, born in Swansea, Massachusetts, was an engineer instrumental in the construction of the Erie Canal, the Morris Canal, and the High Bridge in New York City.

Bend of the Lane

Bend of the Lane, also known as the Harlow Luther House, is a historic house at 181 Cedar Avenue in Swansea, Massachusetts.