TJ Trinidad

T.J. Trinidad
Raul Fenstad "TJ" Trinidad Jr. (born January 22, 1976) is a Filipino actor.wikipedia
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Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko

Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro PendukoKomiks: Da Adventures of Pedro PendukoKomiks Presents: ''Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko

Gulong ng Palad

Stand for LoveGulong ng BuhayGulong'' ''ng Palad

Prinsesa ng Banyera

Fish Port Princess
It stars Kristine Hermosa and Angelika Dela Cruz with TJ Trinidad, Rafael Rosell and Ara Mina.

Sineserye Presents

Sineserye Presents: The Susan Roces Cinema CollectionMay MinamahalSineSerye

Diva (2010 TV series)

DivaDiva'' (2010 TV series)
Directed by Dominic Zapata, it stars Regine Velasquez, Mark Anthony Fernandez, TJ Trinidad and Glaiza de Castro.

Hiram na Mukha (TV series)

Hiram na MukhaHiram na Mukha'' (TV series)Sineserye Presents: Hiram na Mukha

Claudine (TV program)

ClaudineClaudine (TV series)Claudine Present: Madrasta

Sana Ngayong Pasko

Sana Ngayong Pasko (The GMA 2009 Christmas Drama)

Walang Kapalit

Seeking redemption and another chance at life, Noel files divorce and Melanie files an annulment case and Noel divorce Cythina causing her to lose her mind even, try to burn down Ronald house for the revenge causing herself to be send to mental hospital where she meets Dr. Victor Hizon TJ Trinidad who will help her to move on from the past and later marry together.

Beauty Queen (TV series)

Beauty QueenBeauty Queen (Philippine TV show)Beauty Queen'' (TV series)

Stairway to Heaven (Philippines TV series)

Stairway to HeavenStairaway to HeavenStairway to Heaven'' (Philippine TV series)

Spooky Valentine

Spooky Valentine Presents: Manibela Spooky Valentine Presents: ManibelaSpooky Valentine Presents: Maestra


Spooky Nights

Spooky Nights Presents: SumpaSpooky Nights Presents: The RingtoneSpooky Nights: Singil

SRO Cinemaserye

SRO Cinemaserye: Ganti Ng PusoSRO Cinemaserye: The Eva Castillo StorySRO Cinema Serye

The Borrowed Wife

Directed by Gil Tejada Jr., it stars Camille Prats, Rafael Rosell, TJ Trinidad and Pauleen Luna.

Aso ni San Roque

TJ Trinidad and LJ Reyes shared equally important roles in the series.

Captain Barbell (2011 TV series)

Captain BarbellCaptain Barbell Ang PagbabalikMars Ravelo's Captain Barbell