Tag-along right

Tag-along right (TAR) is a legal concept in corporate law.wikipedia
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Minority interest

non-controlling interestminorityminority shareholder
Under the concept, if the majority shareholder(s) of an entity sells their stake, the remaining minority shareholders have the right to join the deal and to sell their shares at the same terms and conditions as the majority shareholder(s), and the new owner must purchase those interests as well.
Tag-along right

Drag-along right

The concept differs from the drag-along right, in that under the latter the minority shareholders must sell their interests (though they also obtain the same terms and conditions as the majority shareholder).
This differs from a tag-along right, which also allows minority shareholders to sell on the same terms and conditions (and requires the new owner to offer them), but does not require them to sell.

Shareholders' agreement

shareholder agreementshareholders agreementSHA
Tag-along rights are fairly standard terms in shareholders agreements.
"tag-along" and "drag-along" rights

Pre-emption right

right of pre-emptionpre-emptionpre-emption rights
Pre-emption right
Tag-along right

Right of first refusal

first refusalfirst right of refusalrights of first refusal
Right of first refusal
Tag-Along right