Telephone network

Network engineeringtelephonefixed and mobile networksnetworkstelephone infrastructuretelephony network
A telephone network is a telecommunications network used for telephone calls between two or more parties.wikipedia
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Telephone call

callphone callphone calls
A telephone network is a telecommunications network used for telephone calls between two or more parties.
A telephone call is a connection over a telephone network between the called party and the calling party.

Telecommunications network

networkcommunication networkcommunications network
A telephone network is a telecommunications network used for telephone calls between two or more parties.
the telephone network

Integrated Services Digital Network

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
ISDN is a circuit-switched telephone network system, which also provides access to packet switched networks, designed to allow digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in potentially better voice quality than an analog phone can provide.

Lawful interception

lawful interceptcommunications interceptionintercept powers
Lawful interception (LI) refers to the facilities in telecommunications and telephone networks that allow law enforcement agencies with court orders or other legal authorization to selectively wiretap individual subscribers.

12-channel carrier system

12 channel carriercarrier systems
In the U.S. telephone network, the 12-channel carrier system was an early frequency-division multiplexing system standard, used to carry multiple telephone calls on a single twisted pair of wires, mostly for short to medium distances.

Defense Red Switch Network

The Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) is a dedicated telephone network which provides global secure communication services for the command and control structure of the United States Armed Forces.


System of Operational-Investigatory Measures (SORM)SORM systemSORM''' and '''SORM-2
SORM is the technical specification for lawful interception interfaces of telecommunications and telephone networks operating in Russia.

Cordless telephone

cordless phonecordless phonescordless
The base station is connected to the telephone network through a telephone line as a corded telephone is, and also serves as a charger to charge the handset's batteries.

Information and communications technology

ICTinformation and communication technologiesinformation and communication technology
The term ICT is also used to refer to the convergence of audiovisual and telephone networks with computer networks through a single cabling or link system.

Waveguide filter

corrugated-waveguide filterdirectional filtersdominant mode
Examples of microwave filter use are found in satellite communications, telephone networks, and television broadcasting.

Electronic music

electronicelectronic musicianelectro
It achieved viable public interest and made commercial progress into streaming music through telephone networks.

Flood search routing

In a telephone network, flood search routing is non-deterministic routing in which a dialed number received at a switch is transmitted to all switches, i.e., flooded, in the area code directly connected to that switch; if the dialed number is not an affiliated subscriber at that switch, the number is then retransmitted to all directly connected switches, and then routed through the switch that has the dialed number corresponding to the particular user end instrument affiliated with it.

Telephony application server

Signaling Server
The term telephony application server refers to an entity in a telephone network that carries out functions that are not directly related to the routing of messages through the network.

Teletraffic engineering

traffic engineeringteletraffic engineertraffic
Teletraffic engineers use their knowledge of statistics including queuing theory, the nature of traffic, their practical models, their measurements and simulations to make predictions and to plan telecommunication networks such as a telephone network or the Internet.

Overlay network

overlaynetwork overlayoverlaid network
The Internet was originally built as an overlay upon the telephone network, while today (through the advent of VoIP), the telephone network is increasingly turning into an overlay network built on top of the Internet.

Plain old telephone service

POTSLocal Telephone Servicetelephone
POTS remains the basic form of residential and small business service connection to the telephone network in many parts of the world.

Commercial bandwidth

Commercial bandwidth is a term for the regular capacity of the telephone network required for intelligible speech.

A Journey in Other Worlds

It contains abundant speculation about technological invention, including descriptions of a worldwide telephone network, solar power, air travel, space travel to the planets Saturn and Jupiter, and terraforming engineering projects — damming the Arctic Ocean, and adjusting the Earth's axial tilt (by the Terrestrial Axis Straightening Company).

Base station

base stationsbaseradio base station
In mobile telephony, it provides the connection between mobile phones and the wider telephone network.

Circuit switching

circuit switchedcircuit-switchedcircuit mode
The defining example of a circuit-switched network is the early analog telephone network.

National Defence Radio Establishment

FRAlegislative changelegislative changes
In 1940, when Germany occupied Denmark and Norway, the German Wehrmacht requested to use the Swedish telephone network for its communication.

Distributed switching

remote switch
Distributed switching is often used in telephone networks, though it is often called host-remote switching.

Russian Railway Troops

railway troopsrailroad troopsRailway Troops of the Russian Federation
During World War I, the personnel of the units and was built about 300 kilometers broad gauge railway and up to 4000 km of narrow gauge, restored more than 4,600 miles of track and nearly 5000 miles of telephone and telegraph lines, railway tracks.

Van Eck phreaking

leaking electromagnetic emanationsmonitor the electromagnetic emissions of computer displays
While Phreaking is the process of exploiting telephone networks, it is used here because of its connection to eavesdropping.