Temerl Bergson

Polish Jewish businesswoman.

- Temerl Bergson

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Henri Bergson

French philosopher who was influential in the tradition of analytic philosophy and continental philosophy, especially during the first half of the 20th century until the Second World War, but also after 1966 when Gilles Deleuze published Le Bergsonisme.

Bergson in 1927
Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience (Dissertation, 1889)
Quid Aristoteles de loco senserit (Dissertation, 1889)

His great-grandmother, Temerl Bergson, was a well-known patroness and benefactor of Polish Jewry, especially those associated with the Hasidic movement.

Simcha Bunim of Peshischa

The second Grand Rabbi of Peshischa (Przysucha, Poland) as well as one of the key leaders of Hasidic Judaism in Poland.

Woodcut picture of Simcha Bunim ca. 1824 at the approximate age of 59, commissioned by Temerl Bergson as part of the Bergson Warsaw collection. The image was confirmed by Yaakov Aryeh Guterman who was a disciple of Simcha Bunim.
Gravesite of R. Simcha Bunim in Przysucha, Poland.

When R. Simcha Bunim arrived in Przysucha with the Yid Ha-Kadosh, he was employed by the wealthy businesswomen Temerl Bergson, who he had met though R. Yisroel of Kozhnitz.

Michał Bergson

Polish composer and pianist, promoter of Frédéric Chopin.

Chopin, daguerreotype by Bisson, 
Chopins Unterschrift.svg

Born in Warsaw, Bergson was the son of Gabriel Bereksohn, grandson of Berek and Temerl Bergson, and great-grandson of Samuel Zbytkower.


Known in European history as a rather tumultuous year with the Revolutions of 1830 in France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

July 27: Start of the July Revolution in France
Lars Hertervig
Louise Michel
Camille Pissarro
Christina Rossetti
Porfirio Diaz
Franz Joseph I of Austria
George IV
William Hazlitt

Temerl Bergson, Polish Jewish businesswoman, philanthropist