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The Guardian is a British daily newspaper.wikipedia
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Duncan Campbell (journalist, born 1944)

Duncan Campbell
He was a senior reporter/correspondent for The Guardian from 1987 until 2010.

Rupert Murdoch

MurdochRupertKeith Rupert Murdoch
In 1993 the paper declined to participate in the broadsheet price war started by Rupert Murdoch's The Times.
Cameron chose to take Murdoch's advice, despite warnings from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Lord Ashdown and The Guardian.

Mark Porter (designer)

Mark Porter
Designed by Mark Porter, the new look includes a new masthead for the newspaper, its first since 1988.
Mark Porter (born 15 March 1960, Aberdeen, Scotland) is a British publication designer and art director, and former creative director of The Guardian.

Edward Taylor Scott

Ted ScottTedEdward
Edward Taylor "Ted" Scott (15 November 1883 – 22 April 1932) was a British journalist, who was editor and briefly co-owner of the Manchester Guardian, and the younger son of its editor-owner C. P. Scott.

Jonathan Freedland

Sam BourneFreedland, Jonathan
Jonathan Saul Freedland (born 25 February 1967) is a British journalist, who writes a weekly column for The Guardian.

Marina O'Loughlin

She was the regular weekly restaurant reviewer in the London Metro from 2006 to 2012, before moving to The Guardian, where she took over from John Lanchester.

Manchester Observer

They launched their paper after the police closure of the more radical Manchester Observer, a paper that had championed the cause of the Peterloo Massacre protesters.
By then the 11 members of the first Little Circle excluding William Cowdroy Jnr of the Manchester Gazette had helped a then cotton merchant John Edward Taylor found The Manchester Guardian (Taylor was editor of the Guardian until his death, following a liberal agenda, and the Little Circle members wrote for it); the Manchester Observer had ceased publication, its final editorial recommending its readers to read the recently founded Manchester Guardian: I would respectfully suggest that the Manchester Guardian, combining principles of complete independence, and zealous attachment to the cause of reform, with active and spirited management, is a journal in every way worthy of your confidence and support.

Tim Dowling

Robert Timothy Dowling (born June 1963) is an American journalist and author who writes a weekly column in The Guardian about his life with his family in London.

Sidney Blumenthal

Blumenthal, SidneySid Blumenthal
He is a regular contributor to, and was formerly a regular columnist for The Guardian.

Android (operating system)

AndroidAndroid operating systemList of Android devices
An Android app followed in 2011.
The Guardian complained that the method of distribution for updates is complicated only because manufacturers and carriers have designed it that way.

Dawn Foster

She is a columnist for The Guardian newspaper, writing on housing inequality and austerity, and a staff writer for Jacobin magazine.

Private Eye

Neasden F.C.Baldy" PevsnerDave Spart
Frequent typographical errors in the paper led Private Eye magazine to dub it the "" in the 1960s, a nickname still used today.
The magazine often deliberately misspells the names of certain organisations, such as "Crapita" for the outsourcing company Capita, "Carter-Fuck" for the law firm Carter-Ruck, and "The Grauniad" for The Guardian (the latter a reference to the newspaper's typos in its days as The Manchester Guardian).

Guy Browning

He wrote the How To... column in The Guardian from 1999–2009.

Larry Elliott

He is the economics editor at The Guardian, and has published seven books on related issues, six of them in partnership with Dan Atkinson.

Germaine Greer

Greer, GermaineGermain GreerGermaine
In addition to her academic work and activism, she has been a prolific columnist for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The Independent, and The Oldie, among others.

The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalWSJWall St. Journal
The website won the Best Newspaper category three years running in 2005, 2006 and 2007 Webby Awards, beating (in 2005) The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Variety.
In 2011, The Guardian found evidence that the Journal had artificially inflated its European sales numbers, by paying Executive Learning Partnership for purchasing 16% of European sales.

Bill of Rights 1689

Bill of RightsEnglish Bill of Rights1689 Bill of Rights
The paper further claimed that this case appears "to call into question privileges guaranteeing free speech established under the 1689 Bill of Rights".
On 21 July 1995 a libel case, Neil Hamilton, MP v The Guardian, collapsed as the High Court ruled that the Bill of Rights' total bar on bringing into question anything said or done in the House, prevented The Guardian from obtaining a fair hearing.

Tony Blair

BlairTonyPrime Minister Tony Blair
The paper was enthusiastic in its support for Tony Blair in his successful bid to lead the Labour Party, and to be elected Prime Minister.
Blair was reported by The Guardian in 2006 to have been supported politically by Rupert Murdoch, the founder of the News Corporation organisation.


Mail OnlineDaily Mail AustraliaDaily Mail
As of May 2013, it was the most popular UK newspaper website with 8.2 million unique visitors per month, just ahead of Mail Online with 7.6 million unique monthly visitors.

Michael Gove

Michael Gove MP The Right Honourable '''Michael GoveEducation Secretary, Michael Gove
The paper's comment and opinion pages, though often written by centre-left contributors such as Polly Toynbee, have allowed some space for right-of-centre voices such as Sir Max Hastings and Michael Gove.
The Daily Telegraph opined that Gove's actions in undermining Johnson's leadership aspirations constituted "the most spectacular political assassination in a generation" while The Guardian labelled it as a "Machiavellian move".

Madeleine Bunting

She was formerly an associate editor and columnist at The Guardian newspaper.

Simon Hoggart

Hoggart, SimonSimon
He wrote on politics for The Guardian, and on wine for The Spectator.

Nancy Banks-Smith

Nancy Banks Smith
Nancy Banks-Smith (born 1929) is a British television and radio critic, who has spent most of her career writing for The Guardian.

Ben Goldacre

Dr Ben GoldacreBad ScienceGoldacre, Ben
Goldacre is known in particular for his Bad Science column in The Guardian, which he wrote between 2003 and 2011, and is the author of four books: Bad Science (2008), a critique of irrationality and certain forms of alternative medicine; Bad Pharma (2012), an examination of the pharmaceutical industry, its publishing and marketing practices, and its relationship with the medical profession; I Think You'll Find It's a Bit More Complicated Than That, a collection of his journalism; and Statins, about evidence-based medicine.

Harold Evans

Sir Harold EvansHarry EvansEvans, Harold
Since 2001, Evans has served as editor-at-large of The Week magazine and, since 2005, he has been a contributor to The Guardian and BBC Radio 4.