The Jabbers

The Jabbers are an American punk rock band.wikipedia
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GG Allin

G.G. AllinEat My FucDick Urine
Once fronted by a young GG Allin at the beginning of his career in the late 1970s to early 1980s, many of his most well known songs were recorded with this band, such as "Assface", "Don't Talk to Me" and "Bored to Death".
From September 1977 to April 1984, Allin performed as front man for the Jabbers, in which he played drums and performed vocals.

Banned in Boston (GG Allin album)

Banned in BostonBanned in Boston'' (GG Allin album)Banned in Boston'' (The Jabbers album)
Their complete recordings with Allin are on the Banned in Boston compilation.
The CD was compiled by Black and Blue Records owner Peter Yarmouth with cooperation from GG Allin, since the two previous 7" releases had started to garner interest after the infamous Cat Club show in NYC and all the press in Village Voice, Flipside and other punk rock fanzines. The other version of the album is a compilation of all of GG Allin recordings with the Jabbers.

Punk rock

punkelectropunkpunk music
The Jabbers are an American punk rock band.

Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be

One review of the only Jabbers album with Allin, Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be, states: "Amazingly enough, the violent hatred, sexual and psychological degradation, and staggering stupidity only hint at the heights (or depths) Allin would reach later."

Merle Allin

Embryonic versions of the band appeared as early as 1977, focused around Allin (singing and occasionally playing drums), his brother Merle Allin on bass, and various local guitarists.

Pop punk

pop-punkpunk-poppunk pop
In 2003, Chapple, Lamy, and O'Donnell reformed the band with new singer Wimpy Rutherford and lead guitarist Harlan Miller (both ex-members of the pop punk group The Queers).

The Queers

Joe QueerQueersJoe King
In 2003, Chapple, Lamy, and O'Donnell reformed the band with new singer Wimpy Rutherford and lead guitarist Harlan Miller (both ex-members of the pop punk group The Queers).

Hated in the Nation (album)

Hated in the Nation
Consisting mainly of then-out-of-print recordings by Allin with his early-era backing groups The Jabbers, The Scumfucs, and the Cedar Street Sluts, Hated in the Nation became Allin's first widespread international release.

The Troubled Troubadour

The Troubled TroubadorTroubled Troubador
In October 1995, Brodian gathered together the original master tape of the 7" EP, which was still in his possession, and with the help of Allin's friend and archivist Skeeter Rider, added an outtake from the same May 1989 session that originally produced the EP, a 1985 acoustic demo of an early Allin-composed and performed country song, two spoken word tracks recorded by Allin in 1988, two cover versions recorded with The Jabbers in 1982 and with The Disappointments in July 1989, and - probably the most fascinating of the bonus tracks - three unedited phone conversations between GG Allin and Stewart Brodian, recorded on Brodian's answering machine in New Jersey and conducted from GG's end while he was serving his felonious assault sentence in Michigan.

Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies

At the time, Allin had been prohibited from performing as a musician in Boston since around the time his first backing band, The Jabbers, were coming to the end of their run.

Gimme Some Head

It features members of his first backing band The Jabbers as well as Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson of proto-punk band the MC5 (credited as The MC2) on lead guitar and drums respectively.

The Murder Junkies

Feed My SleazeGG Allin & the Murder JunkiesDino Sex
They performed alongside a version of Allin's first band, The Jabbers, for several shows.