The Last Coyote

Hardcover edition

Fourth novel by American crime author Michael Connelly, featuring the Los Angeles detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch.

- The Last Coyote

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Michael Connelly

American author of detective novels and other crime fiction, notably those featuring LAPD Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch and criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller.

Connelly at the detective fiction convention Bouchercon XLI in San Francisco, October 2010
Michael Connelly, London November 2013

Connelly went on to write three more novels about Detective Bosch — The Black Ice (1993), The Concrete Blonde (1994), and The Last Coyote (1995) — before quitting his job as a reporter to write full-time.

1995 in literature

This article contains information about the literary events and publications of 1995.

Emperor Romulus Augustus

Michael Connelly – The Last Coyote

Murder book

In law enforcement parlance, the term murder book refers to the case file of a murder investigation.

Lieutenant debriefing New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers at Times Square. The NYPD is the largest police force in the United States, with a uniformed force of almost 35,000 officers as of 2021.

American crime novelist Michael Connelly makes regular references to the meticulous murder books kept by LAPD detective Harry Bosch, particularly in The Black Echo, The Concrete Blonde, The Last Coyote, Trunk Music, The Closers, and The Drop.

Jack McEvoy

Literary character created by Michael Connelly in the 1996 novel The Poet and starring again in the sequel the Scarecrow thirteen years later.

Four commedia dell'arte characters, whose costumes and demeanor indicate the stock character roles that they portray in this genre.

While at the Times, he married and subsequently divorced fellow journalist Keisha Russell, who had previously appeared in Connelly's 1995 novel The Last Coyote.

Bouchercon XXVII

Annual convention of creators and devotees of mystery and detective fiction.

Comic Frontier, a doujinshi convention held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Michael Connelly, The Last Coyote

List of Bosch episodes

American police procedural television series produced by Amazon Studios.

On March 18, 2015, Bosch was renewed for a second season, which takes inspiration from Connelly's novels Trunk Music, The Drop, and The Last Coyote.

Charles Atlas

Italian-born American bodybuilder best remembered as the developer of a bodybuilding method and its associated exercise program which spawned a landmark advertising campaign featuring his name and likeness; it has been described as one of the longest-lasting and most memorable ad campaigns of all time.

Atlas c. undefined 1920
Comic book ad from 1949 featuring Charles Atlas
The Dawn of Glory (1924) by Pietro Montana, Highland Park, Brooklyn.
1953 variant of the famous "Beach Bully" advertisement.

In Michael Connelly's early Harry Bosch books (The Black Echo, The Black Ice, The Concrete Blonde, The Last Coyote), Bosch's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Harvey Pounds, is nicknamed "98" as a reference probably both to Charles Atlas's "97 pound weakling" and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Original Pantry Cafe

Coffee shop and restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Pantry Cafe in downtown Los Angeles (USA)

The cafe is regularly mentioned or visited by characters in Michael Connelly's series of mystery novels featuring LAPD detective Harry Bosch, including The Black Echo and The Last Coyote.