Therapeutic irrigation

lavageirrigationirrigatedrectal lavagesurgical irrigationwound irrigation
In medicine, therapeutic irrigation or lavage ( or ) is cleaning or rinsing.wikipedia
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Antiseptic lavage

Antiseptic lavage is a means of washing, especially of a hollow organ, such as the stomach or lower bowel, with repeated injections of warm water mixed with an antiseptic or antifungal solution.

Gastric lavage

stomach pumpstomachs pumpedstomach pumped
Gastric lavage, also commonly called stomach pumping or gastric irrigation, is the process of cleaning out the contents of the stomach.

Chronic wound

diabetic ulcerchronicchronic wounds
Mechanical removal of bacteria and devitalized tissue is also the idea behind wound irrigation, which is accomplished using pulsed lavage.


Diagnostic peritoneal lavage

peritoneal lavageDiagnostic peritoneal aspirationDiagnostic peritoneal aspiration and lavage

Open fracture

opencompound fractureOpen/compound fractures
Therapeutic irrigation, wound debridement, early wound closure and bone fixation are the main management of open fractures.

Morgan Lens

The Morgan Lens is a sterile plastic device resembling a contact lens connected to tubing that fits over the eye and allows copious irrigation of the eye over time without continuous attendance by medical personnel.


hydropathyhydropathic establishmentwater cure
Examples of this include directed wound irrigation and therapeutic irrigation with suction.

Targeted temperature management

therapeutic hypothermiainduced hypothermiahypothermia
The lowering of body temperature may be accomplished by many means including the use of cooling blankets, cooling helmets, cooling catheters, ice packs and ice water lavage.

Sulfuric acid poisoning

For superficial injuries, washing (therapeutic irrigation) is important.

Surgery for temporomandibular joint dysfunction

TMJ arthrocentesis refers to lavage (flushing out) of the upper joint space (where most of the translation movement takes place) with saline via the introduction of cannulae.


Noxytiolin is an anti-infective used for irrigation of the peritoneum.

Scaling and root planing

tooth scalingroot planingdental prophylaxis
Ultrasonic scalers also include a liquid output or lavage, which aids in cooling the tool during use, as well as rinsing all the unwanted materials from the teeth and gum line.

Intestine transplantation

intestinal transplantintestinal transplantationIntestine
They may also be treated with anti-lymphocyte antibodies (anti-thymocyte globulin, alemtuzumab), irradiation directed against excessive mesenteric lymphatic tissue, and have their bowel irrigated.

Knee replacement

knee replacement surgerytotal knee replacementtotal knee arthroplasty
Finally, stability and range of motion is checked, followed by irrigation, hemostasis, placement of hemovacs, and closure.

Choke (horse)

Gentle warm water lavage (water sent through the stomach tube, to soften the food material) may be required to help the obstructing matter pass more easily, but caution should be exercised to prevent further aspiration of fluid into the trachea.


breast abscessPuerperal mastitistreatment of recurrent breast abscess and mastitis
One recommended treatment includes antibiotics, ultrasound evaluation and, if fluid is present, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration of the abscess with an 18 gauge needle, under saline lavage until clear.

Gustilo open fracture classification

Gustilo open fracture classification systemhigh grade tibial fracture
Based on the results of the previous studies, Gustilo initially recommended therapeutic irrigation and surgical debridement for all fractures with primary closure for Type I and II fractures; secondary closure without internal fixation for Type III fractures.

Guttural pouch

Radiographic examination of the area will show an opaque fluid line in the pouch and if a retropharyngeal lymph node is involved, it may reveal a mass. In mild, acute cases of empyema, a saline or polyionic solution lavage is often performed via an endoscope or catheter repeatedly until the exudate drains.