Frontispiece, The Hastings Memorial, Lydia Nelson Hastings Buckminster, Boston, 1866
Saltonstall's landing spot in Watertown, also known as Elbridge Gerry Landing
Edmund Fowle House, built in the 1700s and used by the Massachusetts government during the Revolutionary War
Browne House, built c. 1694
St. Stephen Armenian Apostolic Church
Hairenik Association building – Watertown, Mass.
Benjamin Robbins Curtis
Eliza Dushku

In Watertown, Massachusetts, where the American town meeting first took form, Thomas Hastings was repeatedly called to leadership positions inside and outside the church.

- Thomas Hastings (colonist)

Thomas Hastings (colonist) (c. 1605–1685), English immigrant ancestor of Rev. Theodore Parker, among others

- Watertown, Massachusetts

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Parker c. 1855

Theodore Parker

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American transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church.

American transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church.

Parker c. 1855
Caricature by Christopher Pearse Cranch depicting Parker's interest in German thinking
Parker's statue in front of the Theodore Parker Church, a Unitarian parish in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.
Parker c. 1850
Parker's tomb in Florence

Among his colonial Yankee ancestors were Thomas Hastings, who came from the East Anglia region of England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634, and Deacon Thomas Parker, who came from England in 1635 and was one of the founders of Reading.

He then took various posts as a teacher, conducting an academy from 1831 to 1834 at Watertown, Massachusetts, where his late mother's family lived.