Together in the Dark

1933 Italian comedy film directed by Gennaro Righelli and starring Sandra Ravel, Maurizio D'Ancora and Lamberto Picasso.

- Together in the Dark

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Lamberto Picasso

Italian film actor.

Picasso with Rina Morelli, 1942

Together in the Dark (1933)

Rodolfo Gucci

Italian actor and entrepreneur, who appeared in more than forty films between 1929 until 1946.

While filming Together in the Dark, he met his future wife.

Gastone Medin

Italian art director.

Together in the Dark (1933)

Gennaro Righelli

Italian film director, screenwriter and actor.

Together in the Dark (1933)

Sandra Ravel

Italian film actress of the 1930s.

Those Three French Girls movie poster, with Yola d'Avril, Fifi D'Orsay and Sandra Ravel (from left to right).

Ravel had a minor role in Together in the Dark, where she met her future husband.

Giuseppe Pierozzi

Italian stage and film actor.

David Garrick in Richard III onstage

Together in the Dark (1933)

Romolo Costa

Italian actor and voice actor.

Italian actor and voice actor

Together in the Dark (1933)

Olga Vittoria Gentilli

Italian stage and film actress.

Gentilli in The Peddler and the Lady (1943)

Together in the Dark (1933)

Alessandro De Stefani

Italian screenwriter.

De Stefani in 1955.

Together in the Dark (1933)

Ubaldo Arata

Italian cinematographer.

Ubaldo Arata, at left, with colleague Romolo Garroni, 1942

Together in the Dark (1933)