Total personal income

Defined by the United States' Bureau of Economic Analysis as: income received by persons from all sources.

- Total personal income

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Missoula, Montana

City in the U.S. state of Montana; it is the county seat of Missoula County.

Teepees at the site of Missoula, south of the Clark Fork River, facing northeast
View of downtown from Mt. Sentinel
Missoula Valley
Ancient wave-cut shorelines are visible on the edge of Mount Sentinel.
Ad for Moose Drool Brown Ale
Montana Grizzlies football at Washington–Grizzly Stadium
Missoula county courthouse
Picture of the University of Montana campus, showing Mount Sentinel with The M logo
Power lines crossing the Clark Fork River east of the Higgins Avenue Bridge
Higgins Block in Downtown Missoula
The "Slant Streets"
Missoula International Airport
Jeannette Rankin, the first woman in Congress, was born and raised in Missoula.
U.S. Senator and longest-serving Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield

, Missoula ranked 299 nationally in gross metropolitan product with an output of $5billion, the city's total personal income ranked 333 at $4.18billion, an increase of more than 47% since 2003.

Taxation in Argentina

Fiscal year which can be calendar year or another period covering 12 months.

A storey plan

Taxes on income, profit and capital gains: Income tax in Argentina is collected solely by the Government of Argentina, to the exclusion of the provinces. Argentina has a progressive tax on personal income that is collected as a deferred tax. It also has a flat rate tax on business income (corporate tax) - 35%. There is a stamp tax of 1.5% on the total value of real property, whether it gained or lost value, as opposed to just 1.5% applied only to realised capital gains. There is also an ad valorem property tax on other assets such as vehicles. There is also a 0.6% tax on all bank transactions.;