Tottori (city)

Skyline of Tottori City from Tottori Castle

Capital, and the largest city in Japan's Tottori Prefecture in the Chūgoku region of Japan.

- Tottori (city)

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Tottori Sand Dunes

Location of Tottori Sand Dunes
View from the biggest dune
A camel for tourists

The Tottori Sand Dunes (鳥取砂丘) are sand dunes located outside the city center of Tottori in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

Chūgoku region

Westernmost region of Honshū, the largest island of Japan.

Chūgoku region and Shikoku seen from the International Space Station
Chūgoku, satellite photo
Hiroshima City
Okayama City
Kurashiki City
Fukuyama City
Shimonoseki City
Kure City
Matsue City
Tottori City
Yamaguchi City

Tottori Prefecture: Tottori, Misasa, Daisen, Kurayoshi

Tottori University

National university in Japan.

Yonago Campus
Arid Land Research Center in Tottori Sand Dunes

The main campus is located in Koyamachō-Minami, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture.

Tottori Prefecture

Prefecture of Japan located in the Chūgoku region of Honshu.

The Tottori Sand Dunes
Map of Tottori Prefecture
Tottori City
Axis Bird Stadium.
Sunaba Coffee House, a well known Coffeehouse in Tottori
Panoramic view of Mount Daisen, Yonago
View of Sakaiminato Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall and Character's Statue

Tottori is the capital and largest city of Tottori Prefecture, with other major cities including Yonago, Kurayoshi, and Sakaiminato.


City in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

Tsuyama Castle in 1873
View from Tsuyama Castle

The station is served by the Tsuyama Line (to Okayama), the Kishin Line (to Himeji and Niimi), and the Imbi Line (to Tottori).


City located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

Iwakuni Castle
Kintai Bridge, or Kintaikyō.
Mustang fighters from No. 77 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force undergoing maintenance at RAAF Iwakuni, c. 1950–51.



City located in Hyōgo Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan.

Koko-en Garden
Tegarayama Central Park
Himeji City Hall
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Tottori, capital city in Tottori Prefecture


City in Kushiro Subprefecture on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.

Rin-chan, the city's mascot

🇯🇵 Tottori, Tottori, Japan (since 1963)


Town in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, in Hesse, Germany.

Relic of the first (medieval) town-fortification
Hanau in around 1550. Centre: medieval town; Schloss = castle; A+B: gates within the medieval town wall; C+D: gates of the 16th century fortification
New town in progress, Hanau 1597
City and fortress of Hanau 1684
The Battle of Hanau (1813) by Horace Vernet.
Sculpture of Brothers Grimm in Hanau, by Syrius Eberle
Historic spa of Wilhelmsbad - today a part of Hanau
Schloss Philippsruhe
Lion at Schloss Philippsruhe by Christian Daniel Rauch
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🇯🇵 Tottori, Japan

Misasa, Tottori

Town located in Tōhaku District, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.