Ukrainian Third League

Ukrainian Transitional LeagueThird League3L3rd3rd "B3rd (lower)3rd lower auxiliary levelfourth levelPerekhidna Liha
The Ukrainian Third League (Третя ліга, Tretia Liha), until 1994 known as the Transitional League, was part of the Ukrainian semi-professional football clubs competitions.wikipedia
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Ukrainian Second League

Druha LihaSecond LeagueUkrainian Second Division
In 1994, it was renamed as Third League and granted the status of professionals, but during a winter break of 1995 it was decided to discontinue it and merge back with the Ukrainian Second League.
Between seasons 1993 and 1995, there existed an auxiliary level (the Third League in 1994-95) of the football championship in Ukraine, lower than the Second League.

FC Arsenal Kyiv

Arsenal KyivCSKA KyivFC Boryspil
That in turn fueled the rise of the Ukrainian new football clubs, FC Arsenal Kyiv and FC Metalurh Donetsk.
With the ongoing season, the club merged with the already existing FC Nyva Myronivka that competed at the Ukrainian Transition League (at that time was considered to have semi-professional status) and took over their brand temporary renaming into Nyva-Borysfen, while the original Nyva restarted as FC Nyva Karapyshi in the Kyiv Oblast Championship.

1992–93 Ukrainian Transitional League

In 1992–93 Ukrainian Transitional League took place several strange nuances.
The 1992–93 Ukrainian Transitional League season was the first season of the fourth tier which existed for the next three years.

FC Metalurh Donetsk

Metalurh DonetskMetalurg DonetskMetalurh Donetsk Reserves
That in turn fueled the rise of the Ukrainian new football clubs, FC Arsenal Kyiv and FC Metalurh Donetsk.
After a disappointing first season in the Second League, in the 1993 season Promotei placed fifth in the Third League and was promoted back to the Second League when the third place Antratsyt withdrew from competitions.

1993–94 Ukrainian Transitional League

1993–94Third League18
Ukrainian Third League 1993–94 was the second season of the fourth level.

FC Systema-Boreks Borodianka

Systema-Boreks BorodyankaBoreks-Borysfen BorodiankaSystema-Boreks Borodianka
The next season they entered the semi-professional Ukrainian Transitional League.

FC Oskil Kupyansk

Oskil KupyanskOskil (Kupyansk)Oskil Kupiansk
The next season the club participated in the Ukrainian Third League.

Ukrainian Amateur Football Championship

Ukrainian Football Amateur LeagueUkrainian football championship among amateursAmateur League
Each season the league was admitting about 10 new clubs from the KFK competitions (8 in 1993, 10 in 1994, and 12 in 1995).

FC Hirnyk Rovenky

FC Avanhard RovenkyAvanhard RovenkyFC Avanhard-Industriya Rovenky