Uniforms of the Royal Air Force

RAFRoyal Air ForceNo.2 dressservice working dress (No. 2 dress)working dressNo.2 RAF uniformsthe same uniformRAF No.1 Service DressNumber One UniformRAF full dress
The Royal Air Force uniform is the standardised military dress worn by members of the Royal Air Force.wikipedia
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Stable belt

gymnastic beltbeltRegimental belt
The RAF stable belt may be worn with all forms of service working dress.
In the Royal Air Force, it is worn with service working dress (No. 2 dress) either covering the top of the trousers (or skirt) and the lower part of the shirt or through the belt loops if they have been specially designed to accommodate the belt's width.

Combined Cadet Force

CCFCombined Cadet Force (CCF)Junior Division
Cadets of the ATC and CCF (RAF) Sections wear the uniforms of the Royal Air Force.
RAF cadets wear a version of the No.2 dress.

Wedding of Prince Albert, Duke of York, and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

the wedding26 April 1923her marriage
Group Captain HRH the Duke of York (later King George VI) wore RAF full dress at his wedding to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923.
Prince Albert wore RAF full dress in the rank of group captain, his senior service rank at the time of his marriage.

RAF slang

Air Force blue

BluePRU BlueAero
Similar shades are still used in Royal Air Force uniforms and the Royal Air Force Ensign.

Royal Air Force Police

RAF PoliceRAF Police HeadquartersRAF Provost and Security Service (P&SS)
In dress uniform, all RAFP wear a red and black brassard on the left arm, reflecting the flashes worn with normal working dress.

Pakistan Armed Forces

militaryPakistani militaryarmed forces
The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) uniform was primarily based on the Royal Air Force uniform, with bluish-grey as its reporting colour markings.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch)

RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training)Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training)RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch)
Air Cadets members wear the same uniform worn by regular Royal Air Force or active reserve Royal Auxiliary Air Force commissioned Officers, with the exception that gilt "Air Cadets" insignia is worn on the lapels of formal dress uniforms and on top of the rank braid on the epaulettes and tabs of working dress uniforms and combat uniforms.

RAF Fighter Command

Fighter CommandFighterFighter squadron
The corps would continue as a civilian organisation but wearing a Royal Air Force uniform and administered by Fighter Command.

Royal Observer Corps

Observer CorpsRoyal Observer Corps (United Kingdom)Royal Observer Corps (UK)
From 1977 the uncomfortable wartime-issue "hairy mary" RAF No.2 Battledress uniforms were replaced in a rolling programme with comfortable, modern zip-fronted 1972 pattern No.2 RAF uniforms, immediately christened as 'mothercare suits' due to the shapeless style of these loose fitting jackets.

Ceremonial Squadron

As such, the Squadron was gradually equipped with full ceremonial accoutrements i.e. RAF No.1 Service Dress for all senior and cadet members, ceremonial swords for officers and warrant officers and replica drill-purpose rifles for all cadets.

Coronation of the British monarch

In 1953, "Peers taking part in the Processions or Ceremonies in Westminster Abbey" were directed to wear the Robe of State over full-dress uniform (Naval, Military, RAF or civil), if so entitled, or else over full velvet court dress (or one of the alternative styles of Court Dress, as laid down in the Lord Chamberlain's regulations).

United States Air Force officer rank insignia

officerofficersUnited States
This was similar to the rank insignia of the British Royal Air Force, the Canadian Armed Forces and other Commonwealth air forces.

Military uniform

uniformuniformsmilitary uniforms
The Royal Air Force uniform is the standardised military dress worn by members of the Royal Air Force.

Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force uniform is the standardised military dress worn by members of the Royal Air Force.

Service Dress (British Army)

Service DressBritish Army peaked capservice uniform
The RAF's service dress is worn on formal and ceremonial occasions.


greatcoatsgreat coatmilitary greatcoat
A great coat may be worn at ceremonial events when the weather is cold.

Aircrew brevet

wingsRAF wingsbrevet
The lower button was moved up to a position behind the belt and silk embroidery flying badges were replaced with ones in bullion embroidery.

Air vice-marshal

air vice marshalAVMAir-Vice Marshal
No. 1A Service Dress (Ceremonial Day Dress), for temperate regions and for air officers only. As per No. 1 Service Dress. Air vice-marshals and above wear a ceremonial sash and shoulder boards. Entitled air commodores only add the ceremonial sash.