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LynchburgVirginia ChristianBeta Omicron: Lynchburg CollegeLynchburg Christian College
The University of Lynchburg is a private university associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and located in Lynchburg, Virginia.wikipedia
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Lynchburg, Virginia

LynchburgLynchburg, VALynchburg City
The University of Lynchburg is a private university associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and located in Lynchburg, Virginia.
It is the site of several institutions of higher education, including the University of Lynchburg, Randolph College, and Liberty University, the nation's largest non-profit university.

Pentium FDIV bug

floating-point divide bugfloating-point division bugPentium division bug
In fall 1994, a few months after Intel introduced its Pentium microprocessor, Thomas R. Nicely, from the University of Lynchburg, was performing computations related to the distribution of prime numbers and discovered the Pentium FDIV bug.
Discovered in 1994 by Professor Thomas R. Nicely at Lynchburg College, Intel attributed the error to missing entries in the lookup table used by the floating-point division circuitry.

Milligan College

Hopwood was president of Milligan College in Tennessee when a group of ministers and businessmen approached him about establishing a college in Lynchburg.
Hopwood continued to serve the school as president until 1903 when he left to found Virginia Christian College (now Lynchburg College) in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Disciples of ChristChristian ChurchDisciples
The University of Lynchburg is a private university associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and located in Lynchburg, Virginia.
University of Lynchburg – Lynchburg, Virginia

Sigma Mu Sigma

Fraternity life began on The University of Lynchburg campus in 1962, with the arrival of Sigma Mu Sigma, whose Sigma Chapter was active until disbanded in the mid 1980s.
The Alpha Chapter at Tri-State joined Acacia, the Lambda Chapter at Elon College joined Kappa Sigma, and the Sigma Chapter was removed from campus by the administration of Lynchburg College.

Brad Babcock

After graduating from Lynchburg College in 1963, Babcock worked as a high school baseball coach in Colorado, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Kathrine Switzer

Katherine SwitzerKathy Switzer
Kathrine Switzer
She graduated from George C. Marshall High School in Fairfax County, Virginia, then attended Lynchburg College.

Old Dominion Athletic Conference

ODACOld DominionOld Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC)
The University of Lynchburg Hornets participate in NCAA Division III and the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC).

Ted Gulick

Edwin F. Gulick Jr.
He attended Lynchburg College and, after graduation, went to Alexandria, Virginia to earn a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary, on whose faculty he would later serve.

Ryan Cranston

A native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Cranston attended B. Reed Henderson High School, and later attended Lynchburg College, where he was a four-year stand out lacrosse player and a 3-x Division 3 lacrosse all-American.

William J. Hadden

William Hadden received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1944.

Buddy Bailey

A graduate of Amherst County High School, Amherst, Virginia, and Lynchburg College, Bailey signed his first pro contract with the Atlanta Braves in.

John Hobbs (baseball)

John Hobbs
Jack Hobbs is a graduate of Lynchburg College, where he majored in Political Science / Pre Law.

Robert A. McKee

He then transferred to Lynchburg College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science in 1971.

Deirdre Quinn

She is a graduate in Theatre from Lynchburg College and NYU.

Setsuko Thurlow

As an undergraduate, Setsuko studied English literature and education at Hiroshima Jogakuin University before receiving a grant to study in the United States, where she studied sociology at Lynchburg College in Virginia from 1954.

Whit Haydn

Haydn, Whit "PopPop" Haydn
In 1970, he went back to school at Lynchburg College in Virginia, receiving a B. A. degree in philosophy and comparative religion in 1972, after which he attended Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia to become an Episcopalian priest, though he continued performing magic to help support himself at the school.


VACommonwealth of VirginiaVa.
Several Christian universities are also based in the state, including Regent University, Liberty University, and Lynchburg College.

Jessamine Shumate

While her youngest daughter was enrolled in Lynchburg College, she decided to drive to Lynchburg every week and take some art courses there.

NS Savannah

NS ''SavannahSavannahNuclear Ship Savannah
The University of Lynchburg was the first institution in the United States to train nuclear physicists and engineers for the NS Savannah project under order of President Eisenhower, to aid in the development and operation of the world's first nuclear-powered ship.

Liberal arts education

liberal artsArtsliberal studies
The university has maintained its original commitment to a liberal arts education.

Major (academic)

The University offers 39 majors, 49 minors, two dual-degree programs, the Westover Honors Program, and offers graduate degrees in Masters of Arts, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Education, and Masters of Science in Nursing as well as Doctorate programs in Physical Therapy and Educational Leadership.