St. Andrew’s Basilica.

City and comune of 46,552 inhabitants (January 1, 2017) in the Province of Vercelli, Piedmont, northern Italy.

- Vercelli

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River in Piedmont, north-western Italy, tributary to the Po.

River Sesia in Borgosesia, Piemonte, Italy
Rio di Valmala

It flows through the Alpine valley Valsesia and the towns Varallo Sesia, Quarona, Borgosesia and Vercelli.

Province of Vercelli

Province in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.

Sacro Monte di Varallo. Façade of the basilica.

Its capital is Vercelli.

Battle of Vercellae

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, The battle of Vercellae, from the Ca' Dolfin Tiepolos, 1725-1729
The migration of the Cimbri and the Teutons. Roman victories. Cimbri and Teutons victories.
Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps, The defeat of the Cimbri, 1833

The Battle of Vercellae, or Battle of the Raudine Plain, was fought on 30 July 101 BC on a plain near Vercellae in Gallia Cisalpina (modern day Northern Italy).

University of Eastern Piedmont

The Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”, UNIPMN or UPO) is a university located in Alessandria, Novara and Vercelli, Italy.

F.C. Pro Vercelli 1892

Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892, commonly referred to as Pro Vercelli, is an Italian football club based in Vercelli, Piedmont.

Della Torre

Italian noble family who rose to prominence in Lombardy during the 12th–14th centuries, until they held the lordship of Milan before being ousted by the Visconti.

Coat of Arms of the House of det to Cassono della Torre by Tino di Camaino, in the Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence.
Coat of arms in the Torriani Book of hours (1490)

His nephew Raimondo was bishop of Como in 1262–1273 and Patriarch of Aquileia (1273–1299), while another nephew, Salvino, was podestà of Vercelli.


Capital of the comarca of Baix Ebre, in Catalonia, Spain.

Ebro river in Tortosa

🇮🇹 Vercelli, Italy (2003)

Guelphs and Ghibellines

The Guelphs and Ghibellines (,, ; guelfi e ghibellini ) were factions supporting the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor, respectively, in the Italian city-states of Central Italy and Northern Italy.

A 14th-century conflict between the militias of the Guelph and Ghibelline factions in the comune of Bologna, from the Croniche of Giovanni Sercambi of Lucca
yellow fleurs-de-lys on a blue field, with a red heraldic "label"
black German imperial eagle on a golden background
Coat of arms of an Italian family with Ghibelline (Imperial) style heraldic chief at top
Coat of arms of the Roberti family of Reggio, with Guelph (Anjou) style heraldic chief at top
Ghibelline swallow-tailed merlons of the "Casa di Romeo", of the Montecchi family of Verona.
alt=|Guelph flag
alt=|Ghibelline flag

The Guelph cross can be found on the civic arms of traditionally Guelph towns like Milan, Vercelli, Alessandria, Padua, Reggio and Bologna.

Eusebius of Vercelli

Eusebius of Vercelli (c.

The Virgin Mary in Glory with Archangel Gabriel, and Saints Eusebius of Vercelli (seated), Saint Sebastian, and Saint Roch, Sebastiano Ricci.
A part of the Codex Vercellensis, believed to have been written by Eusebius in the year 370.

He became the first bishop in Vercelli (in northern Italy), probably sometime in the early- to mid-340s.

Moorish Revival architecture

One of the exotic revival architectural styles that were adopted by architects of Europe and the Americas in the wake of Romanticist Orientalism.

The Palace of Manguinhos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gran Teatro Falla
Astorga Palace
Lithography of the Moorish Castle, a theater built in Moorish Architecture. Location was Frederiksberg, Denmark
Morozov House
Yeshiva University, New York City
Fox Theatre (Atlanta, Georgia)
The Alhambra Theatre (El Paso, Texas)
Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest, Hungary
New Synagogue, Berlin, Germany
Isaac M. Wise Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio
Central Synagogue in New York City
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar
Murat Shrine, Indianapolis, Indiana
Tripoli Shrine Temple, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Immaculate Conception Church (New Orleans), 1851, rebuilt 1930
Leopoldstädter Tempel, Vienna, Austria, 1858
Spanish Synagogue (Prague), Czech Republic, 1868
Florence synagogue, Italy, 1882
Turin synagogue, Italy, 1884
Fabric New Synagogue in Timişoara, Romania, 1889
Tampa Bay Hotel, Tampa, Florida, 1891
The Grand Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1893
Great Synagogue, Plzeň, Czech Republic, 1893
National Library, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1894
Likani Palace, Georgia, 1895
Dulber, Koreiz, Crimea, 1897
Arseny Morozov House, Moscow, Russia, 1899
Former Jewish Hospital in Lviv, Ukraine, 1901
Mostar Gymnasium, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1902
Yenidze Tobacco Factory, Dresden, Germany, 1907
Uzhgorod Synagogue, 1910
Scottish Rite Temple, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1912
Choral Synagogue (Smolensk), 1917
Hotel Jadran (Arabian house) in Skopje, North Macedonia, 1938
Campo Pequeno bullring in Lisbon, Portugal,1892.
Kórnik Castle, Poland
Scroll and Key Hall; New Haven, Connecticut (Yale senior society building). This is a proposed plan of ca. 1867.  Only far left structure was built.
History Museum, Kardzhali, Bulgaria

Vercelli Synagogue, Vercelli, Italy, 1878