Void contract

voidcontract with Doug was declared voidNullity of a contract
A void contract cannot be enforced by law.wikipedia
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Voidable contract

Void contracts are different from voidable contracts, which are contracts that may be nullified.
voidable contract, unlike a void contract, is a valid contract which may be either affirmed or rejected at the option of one of the parties.

Coming into force

came into forceenactmentsentered into force
A void contract cannot be enforced by law.

Objects clause

To avoid problems, long and unwieldy 'catch-all' objects clauses were often drafted to include as much potential activity as possible, and thus avoid dealings being found to be ultra vires: the legal position was that any contract entered into beyond the power, or ultra vires, would be deemed void ab initio.

Printer's Devil

Twilight Zone
Doug shows a confused Jackie the story he wrote, which says that Mr. Smith left town at 11:29, and that his contract with Doug was declared void due to Doug's not fully understanding the terms of the agreement.

Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception

obtaining credit by fraud
This included a policy or contract that was void due to the mistake induced by the deception.

Patsy Walker

HellcatTrish WalkerPatsy and Hedy
With the help of She-Hulk and Jessica Jones, Walker gets the rights back by proving that Dorothy was sedated and thus not in full mental capacities when she signed the comics off to Hedy, making it a void contract.