Volcanic field

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A volcanic field is an area of the Earth's crust that is prone to localized volcanic activity.wikipedia
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Monogenetic volcanic field

monogeneticmonogenetic volcanomonogenetic volcanoes
They may occur as a monogenetic volcanic field or a polygenetic volcanic field.
A monogenetic volcanic field is a type of volcanic field consisting of a group of small monogenetic volcanoes, each of which erupts only once, as opposed to polygenetic volcanoes, which erupt repeatedly over a period of time.

Garibaldi Lake volcanic field

Garibaldi Lake
The Garibaldi Lake volcanic field is a volcanic field, located in British Columbia, Canada.

Desolation Lava Field

The Desolation Lava Field is a volcanic field associated with the Mount Edziza volcanic complex in British Columbia, Canada.

Tuya volcanic field

The Tuya volcanic field is a volcanic field of tuyas located in far northern British Columbia, Canada, near the border with the Yukon Territory and focused on the area of the Tuya Range, a subrange of the Stikine Ranges of the Cassiar Mountains, though some vents are in the Kawdy Plateau, the northernmost part of the Stikine Plateau.


volcanicvolcanoesvolcanic igneous activity
A volcanic field is an area of the Earth's crust that is prone to localized volcanic activity.
In New Mexico, Caja del Rio is a volcanic field of over 60 cinder cones.

Wrangell Volcanic Field

Wrangell Volcanic Belt
The Wrangell Volcanic Field is a volcanic field stretching from eastern Alaska in the United States to the southwestern Yukon Territory in Canada.

Mount Cayley volcanic field

This icefield covers much of the central portion of the volcanic field and is one of the several glacial fields in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains.

Boring Lava Field

Boring Lava Domes
The Boring Lava Field (also known as the Boring Volcanic Field) is a Plio-Pleistocene volcanic field with cinder cones, small shield volcanoes, and lava flows in the northern Willamette Valley of the U. S. state of Oregon.

Central Colorado volcanic field

The central Colorado volcanic field (CCVF) is a volcanic field in Park County, Colorado.

Clear Lake Volcanic Field

The Clear Lake Volcanic Field is a volcanic field beside Clear Lake in California's northern Coast Ranges.

Polygenetic volcanic field

polygeneticpolygenetic volcanoespolygenetic Indian Heaven
They may occur as a monogenetic volcanic field or a polygenetic volcanic field.
These volcanic fields may show lithological discontinuities due to major changes in magma chemistry, volcanotectonic events, or long erosional intervals, and may last over 10 million years.

Indian Heaven

Indian Heaven volcanic fieldIndian Heaven Volcanic Field Area
Indian Heaven is a volcanic field in Skamania County in the state of Washington, in the United States.

Marysvale volcanic field

One of the largest volcanic fields in the western United States, the Marysvale straddles the Colorado Plateau-Great Basin transition zone.

Coso Volcanic Field

BLM Geothermal PlantCosoCoso Geothermal Field
Following a 1.5-million-year hiatus with few eruptions, a bimodal volcanic field of basalt lava flows and rhyolite lava domes and flows developed on Basin and Range terrain of essentially the same form as today's landscape.

Raton-Clayton volcanic field

Raton-Clayton volcanic field is an extinct volcanic field located in the state of New Mexico, United States.

Durango volcanic field

Durango volcanic field is a volcanic field in north-central Mexico, east of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Bayuda volcanic field

Bayuda volcanic field (also spelled Bayiuda ) is a volcanic field in Sudan, within the Bayuda Desert.


Al HarujAl-HarujAswad al Haruj
Haruj (هروج, also known as Haroudj) is a large volcanic field spread across 45000 km2 in central Libya.

Cù Lao Ré volcanic islands

Cu-Lao Re GroupCu Lao ReCu-Lao Re
Cù-Lao Ré is a volcanic field northeast of Quảng Ngãi, Vietnam.

In Teria volcanic field

In Teria volcanic field is a volcanic field in Algeria.

Laguna Volcanic Field

San Pablo Volcanic Field
The Laguna Volcanic Field, also known as the San Pablo Volcanic Field, is a volcanic field in the Philippines, located between Laguna de Bay, Mount Banahaw volcano complex and Mount Malepunyo range.

Manzaz volcanic field

ManzazManzaz Volcano
Manzaz volcanic field is a volcanic field in Algeria.

Meidob volcanic field

Meidob Hills
Meidob volcanic field is a Holocene volcanic field in Darfur, Sudan.

Mount Bombalai

Bombalai HillBombalai
The mountain is part of the Tawau volcanic field which contributes to the prominent topographic features of the Semporna Peninsula in northeastern Borneo and the western side of a valley in its middle section.

Volcanic Eifel

VulkaneifelVulkan EifelEast Eifel volcanic field
Characteristic of this volcanic field are its typical explosion crater lakes or maars, and numerous other signs of volcanic activity such as volcanic tuffs, lava streams and volcanic craters like the Laacher See.