wash out
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Washout (erosion)

washoutwashoutswashed out
Washout (erosion), the erosion of a soft surface by a gush of water

Washout (aeronautics)

washoutwash-outaerodynamic wash
Washout (aeronautics), the practice of building a wing with a twist from root to tip

Washout (comics)

WashoutJohn Lopez / WashoutWashout / John Lopez
Washout (comics), a mutant character in the Marvel Comics universe

The Corrections (band)

The Fallout Trust
"Washout", a song by The Fallout Trust

Shining Time Station

1SchemerShining Time Station: Second Chances
"Washout", a 1991 episode of the PBS show Shining Time Station

The Railway Series

Railway SeriesbooksGunvor & Peter Edwards
"Washout", a story from The Railway Series book "Thomas Goes Home"

Washed Out

Ernest Greene
Washed Out, the stage name of chillwave musician Ernest Greene

Well drilling

The well drilling process for enlarging a drill hole in an oil well

Rainout (sports)

rain delayrainoutrained out
A term for a sporting event cancelled due to rain; see Rainout (sports)

Run-in period

An alternate name for a Run-in period, a common phase in clinical research


The narrow stance will give the rider a concentrated stability between the bindings allowing the board to dig into the snow quicker than a wider stance so the rider is less prone to wash out.