A full set of the Babylonian Talmud
A view of the Western Wall
Herodian ashlars of the Western Wall
Panorama of the Western Wall with the Dome of the Rock (left) and al-Aqsa mosque (right) in the background
The Western Wall and Dome of the Rock
Engraving, 1850 by
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, by Gustav Bauernfeind (19th century).
The Western Wall in c. 1870, squeezed in by houses of the Moroccan Quarter, a century before they were demolished
Jews' Wailing Place, Jerusalem, 1891
Jewish Legion soldiers at the Western Wall after British conquest of Jerusalem, 1917
1920. From the collection of the National Library of Israel
The placing of a Mechitza similar to the one in the picture was the catalyst for confrontation between the Arabs, Jews and Mandate authorities in 1928.
British police post at the entrance to the Western Wall, 1933
British police at the Wailing Wall, 1934
Members of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry at the Western Wall, 1946
The iconic image of Israeli soldiers shortly after the capture of the Wall during the Six-Day War
Moroccan Quarter (cell J9) surrounding the Western Wall (numbered 62) in the 1947 Survey of Palestine map. The two mosques demolished after 1967 are shown in red.
Torah Ark inside men's section of Wilson's Arch
Asst. U.S. Sixth Fleet Chaplain Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff leads an unusual interfaith service
The remains of Robinson's Arch above excavated remnants of the ancient street below.
Jews at the Western Wall, 1870s
The faithful remove their shoes upon approaching the Wall, c. 1880
Tisha B'Av at the Western Wall, 1970s
Women at prayer, early 20th century
The separate areas for men (top) and women, seen from the walkway to the Dome of the Rock
Azarat Yisrael Plaza (prayer platform), Robinson's Arch, opened August 2013
Slips of paper containing prayers in the cracks of the Wall
South-west corner of the Haram from the Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem, 1865)
Pope Francis at the Western Wall
A Jew praying at the Western Wall
Western Wall and Dome of the Rock
U.S. president Donald Trump (right) visits the Western Wall, accompanied by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch (center), 2017

Authoritative, contemporary work of Halakha, providing a detailed explanation of the Shulchan Aruch as based on the halachic rulings of the former Rishon LeTzion Rav Ovadia Yosef.

- Yalkut Yosef

More recently the Yalkut Yosef rules that it is forbidden to remove small chips of stone or dust from the Wall, although it is permissible to take twigs from the vegetation which grows in the Wall for an amulet, as they contain no holiness.

- Western Wall
A full set of the Babylonian Talmud

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