White Africans of European ancestry

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White Africans of European ancestry are Africans descended from any of the white ethnic groups originating on the European continent.wikipedia
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White flight

massive outflow of city residents to the suburbsurban exodusmiddle-class flight
A white flight phenomenon accompanied regional decolonisation and to a lesser extent, the termination of white minority rule in Rhodesia and South Africa.
The term has also been used for large-scale post-colonial emigration of whites from Africa, or parts of that continent, driven by levels of violent crime and anti-colonial state policies.


Boerstrekboerswhite farmers
As the Cape colony expanded, Dutch farmers (Boers) pushed outward, carving more homesteads from the vast wilderness.
The term Afrikaner is generally used in modern-day South Africa for the Afrikaans-speaking white population of South Africa, the descendants of boer settlers and the bulk of White Africans.

White people

White Africans of European ancestry are Africans descended from any of the white ethnic groups originating on the European continent.
Following this, the White Australia Policy was relaxed in stages: non-European nationals who could demonstrate European descent were admitted (e.g., descendants of European colonizers and settlers from Latin America or Africa), as were autochthonous inhabitants (such as Maronites, Assyrians and Mandeans) of various nations from the Middle East, most significantly from Lebanon and to a lesser degree Iraq, Syria and Iran.


Nyasaland ProtectorateBritish NyasalandBritish colonial era
From the 1870s, Scottish churches began missionary work in Nyasaland/Malawi, in the wake of their illustrious predecessor, David Livingstone.
The population according to this census was: Africans, classed as "natives" 969,183, Europeans 766, Asians 481.


🇳🇦Republic of NamibiaNamibian
South-West Africa (Namibia): 14%
Whites (mainly of Afrikaner, German, British and Portuguese origin) make up between 4.0 and 7.0% of the population.


🇦🇴AngolanRepublic of Angola
The earliest permanent European communities in Africa were formed at the Cape of Good Hope; Luanda, in Angola; São Tomé Island; and Santiago, Cape Verde through the introduction of Portuguese and Dutch traders or military personnel.


The first Portuguese settlements in Africa were built in the 15th century.
Over one million Portuguese refugees fled the former Portuguese provinces as white settlers were usually not considered part of the new identities of the former Portuguese colonies in Africa and Asia.


Sizable numbers of people of British descent are also nationals of Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Swaziland (3% of the population), Nigeria, and Botswana.
The majority of Eswatini's population is ethnically Swazi, mixed with a small number of Zulu and White Africans, mostly people of British and Afrikaner descent.


AfricanAfrican continentAfrican countries
In 1989, there were an estimated 5.6 million white people with European ancestry on the African continent.
Nevertheless, white Africans remain an important minority in many African states, particularly Zimbabwe, Namibia, Réunion, and the Republic of South Africa.

List of white Africans of European ancestry

List of White Africans
This is a list of notable white Africans, including both European immigrants who obtained African citizenship and their descendants.

British diaspora in Africa

British diasporaBritishAnglo-African
British diaspora in Africa
The British diaspora in Africa is a population group broadly defined as English-speaking white Africans of mainly (but not only) British descent who live in or come from Sub-Saharan Africa.

White people in Zimbabwe

whitewhite minoritywhite Zimbabwean
There have also been a significant number of arrivals of white Zimbabweans of British ancestry, fleeing their home country in light of the economic and political problems currently facing the country.
White Zimbabweans (historically referred to as white Rhodesians or simply Rhodesians ) are people from the southern African country Zimbabwe who are White (Caucasian/European).

White South Africans

Whitewhite South Africanwhites
White South African
White South Africans are by far the largest European-descended population group in Africa.

White people in Zambia

White Zambians
White people in Zambia
White people in Zambia or White Zambians are people from Zambia who are of European descent and who do not regard themselves, or are not regarded as, being part of another racial group.

Processo Revolucionário Em Curso

PRECretornados Portuguese colonial settlers
Most Portuguese settlers were forced to return to Portugal (the retornados) as the country's African possessions gained independence in the mid-1970s, while others moved south to South Africa, which now has the largest Portuguese-African population (who between 50–80% came from Madeira), and to Brazil.
The retreat from the colonies and the acceptance of its independence terms which would create newly independent communist states in 1975 (most notably the People's Republic of Angola and the People's Republic of Mozambique) prompted a mass exodus of Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories (mostly from Portuguese Angola and Mozambique), creating over a million destitute Portuguese refugees — the retornados.

Demographics of Tanzania

White Tanzanians
An estimated 70,000 Arabs and 20,000 Europeans (90 percent of which are from the British diaspora) reside in Tanzania.


Bantu people comprise 97.8% of the population, with the rest made up of White Africans (largely of Portuguese ancestry), Euro-Africans (mestiço people of mixed Bantu and Portuguese ancestry), and Indians.

Portuguese South African

PortuguesePortuguese communityPortuguese heritage
The sport continues to be popular amongst Portuguese South Africans who founded the Vasco de Gama Football Club.
White Africans

Italian South Africans

ItalianItalian fatherItalians
Italian South African
White Africans


AfrikanerAfrikaansAfrikaner people
Afrikaners are represented in every province of South Africa, although relatively few reside in the southeastern regions.
White Africans of European ancestry

White people in Kenya

Europeanswhite settlerswhite
There were 60,000 white settlers living in Kenya in 1965.
White African


White Africans of European ancestry

Languages of Africa

African languagesAfricanAfrican language
Languages of Africa
White Africans of European ancestry ­— via scramble for Africa